Saturday, July 10, 2004

Violence and Punk

We just added a new page to the website. It has to do with the relationship of violence to my performance in the punk band, The Bags. Check it out by clicking here.
Violence Girl was the title of a Bags song written by Craig Lee for/about me. You can hear it performed live on my website on the media page.
That's all. I have mixed emotions about putting this stuff out here, but I welcome your feedback.


Anonymous said...

I read your story and I think it was very brave. I grew up in a house with violence and I remembered what it was like to feel scared and mad at the same time. Keep writing, Alice!!!

haydee said...

i've just read this page, you have alot guts posting it, but i thank you for doing so, i also had to grow up in a house like that too. i cant even stand a guy raising his voice at me, he'll be outta the picture quick. im sorry you had to go threw that no one should, & being a kid at the time is the worse thing a kid can ever see. i despite my father i will never forgive him & the day i do see him, his dead, i dont care, it's worth me going to jail, i'll be so happy to know his no longer breathing. lots of love Alice. i was a geek in jr. high too. fuck it !!! i guess Stevenson jr. high is made for awesome geeks, look at you now & what you accomplished your awesome & i guess im doing pretty good myself take care Sweetie & thank god were not geeks anymore !!!!!!!!!!