Sunday, April 30, 2006

May Day Bagcast # 5 - Pop Faves and J-Punk

I've finally gotten around to selecting songs for my next podcast and I couldn't settle on a single theme for this one. The set ended up as a 50/50 split between what I would call pop songs and Japanese punk rock, which fascinates me.

The Decemberists - We Both Go Down Together. Just a really great love song. Their whole album, Picaresque, is definitely worth checking out.
Quetzal - La Migra. Featuring the outstanding vocals of Martha Gonzalez. I watched this band grow up and I am so proud of them. They are a world class act with a message that needs to be heard.
Mummy The Peepshow - This Charming Man. A Smiths' cover that really bounces along.
The Dresden Dolls - My Alcoholic Friends. From their new CD, Yes, Virginia...This band is a must-see live. Few acts can connect with an audience like they can.
Kristian Hoffman - I Don't Love My Guru Anymore. I love this song and the fact that I put Kristian immediately following another song about alcoholic friends is purely coincidental. Not.
The Hives - Supply and Demand. Time to wake up!
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Flash Silver Bus. Garage punk a la japonese.
Mihimaru GT - Mihimarhythm. Super feel good dance pop.
Flans - Timido. The great 1990's Mexi-pop group that inspired Cholita.
Lulu's Marble - The Hanky Panky. Rough and dirty version of this 60's staple.
Young People With Faces - So Annoyed. Punky, spunky kids from Ketchum, ID who inspired me to name my next band "Old People With Fat Asses."
Gito Gito Hustler - Ambition. I recently saw this Japanese band live in Phoenix and they were a lot of fun and very sweet to my daughter, too!
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her - No Star. Sounds nothing like "Kiss The Girl" from The Little Mermaid.
Lolita No. 18 - Fortune Cards In Tibet. This band brings out the Japanese teenager in me.

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