Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Weekend Update

Kicked off the Labor Day weekend with a Bon Voyage party at Rudy and Maria's canyon home for La Bestia. La Bestia herself is going to Spain to study Flamenco dance for a few months. This was her band's last show for awhile, and they entertained us with hardcore "punk rawk" lunacy and Bestia's impressive Jet Li kicks. The judges awarded extra points for difficulty due to the performance in high heels.
La Bestia Kicks Ass
La Bestia is one of the most ferocious lead singers I've seen in awhile and I'm hoping we can do some shows together when she gets back.

Las Tres played a full set and I somehow managed to channel the spirit of Jimi Hendrix's much less talented uncle Clem. Clem only had three fingers on his left hand and he took over for some intricate guitar work. Here's the ectoplasmic evidence:

Both of the photos above by Angie.

The weather forecast called for 100 degree temps on Sunday, so what better place to spend Labor Day than Barstow? We piled in the car and headed out towards the desert. We never made it past the charming town of Victorville which has three large thrift stores on Route 66, and they were all having Labor Day sales - Jackpot!

That's all for now, I'm really busy between work, family and three bands. A reminder that Stay At Home Bomb will be playing on September 23rd at the Echo, more info on the news page at alicebag.com

More posting soon!


Snave said...

I checked out your blog, and you rock. I'm also in a band, but I've become a sedate 47-year-old. I play keyboards and some rough guitar, and I do our band's vocals. Our band is called Standard Deviation, because it includes special ed teachers and school psychologists who use tests with those measures. Very clever, eh. I try to get them interested in doing things by bands like the Ramones, Interpol, Hives, etc. but it looks like we will always play Geezer Garage Rock from the 60's and 70's. I like the college/alternative/punk new/fresh stuff, but... What the hey, it's fun.

La Bestia looks like she could beat Guided By Voices' Bob Pollard in the leg-kick department. Bob is one of my idols, but if I could see La Bestia perform, she might be right up there with him. Does she have CDs?

tescosuicide said...

I'm speachless. I never thought I'd be blogging with Alice Bag -