Sunday, December 05, 2004

Women In L.A. Punk - Dinah Cancer

I am very happy to announce that we have just posted our second in a series of interviews with influential women in the early (mid-late seventies) L.A. punk scene at This time, my interviewee is Ms. Dinah Cancer, whom you may know from her days with the popular and very influential band, 45 Grave. She shares a little bit of her past with us in this interview and lets us know that she's still rocking (and looking terrific, I might add - maybe there is something to all that blood drinking... Countess Bathory = Dinah Cancer?!?).

You can read the interview by clicking the thumbnail below:

For those of you who missed reading our inaugural interview with Ms. Jenny Lens, you can still find it by following the "past interviews" link on the Women In L.A. Punk page. Enjoy!

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Renae Bryant said...

Thank you so much for your interview with Dinah Cancer. She influenced me so much! At fourteen, I wanted to be Dinah Cancer...I bought a white wig and wore it around school, dressed all in black. She is a definite punk rock female role model for me. She still do you Alice. Thanks for staying punk and active in the scene...
In Solidarity,
Renae Bryant,