Sunday, March 20, 2005

Class of '77

I'm very proud to announce that the Bags are the first band to be featured on the brand new "Class of '77" line of apparel, the creation of Zeroxed and JohnQ of Anti-market. If you haven't been down to their store in Echo Park, you should make a trip. It's a good alternative to the mall punk stores. They feature work by local artists, including many one of a kind items. My favorite new items include a giant "luchador" mask bean bag chair, colorful necktie purses, and John Q's x-ray earrings.

My husband/webmaster and I went out to celebrate last night with JohnQ and Spring (of American Apparel) and we had a great time.

The Class of '77 line was originally conceived as a way to bring exposure to some of the unheralded Los Angeles punk bands who were performing at that time. Zeroxed and JohnQ share a certain aesthetic with the early punk scene, which I think is evident in their tee shirt design.

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Anonymous said...

Zeroxed and Q make cool stuff for reasonable prices. I don't know about pointing mall punks to anti though. at the expense of commerce, anti is a haven for hassle/poseur free shopping.. :)