Sunday, April 30, 2006

May Day Bagcast # 5 - Pop Faves and J-Punk

I've finally gotten around to selecting songs for my next podcast and I couldn't settle on a single theme for this one. The set ended up as a 50/50 split between what I would call pop songs and Japanese punk rock, which fascinates me.

The Decemberists - We Both Go Down Together. Just a really great love song. Their whole album, Picaresque, is definitely worth checking out.
Quetzal - La Migra. Featuring the outstanding vocals of Martha Gonzalez. I watched this band grow up and I am so proud of them. They are a world class act with a message that needs to be heard.
Mummy The Peepshow - This Charming Man. A Smiths' cover that really bounces along.
The Dresden Dolls - My Alcoholic Friends. From their new CD, Yes, Virginia...This band is a must-see live. Few acts can connect with an audience like they can.
Kristian Hoffman - I Don't Love My Guru Anymore. I love this song and the fact that I put Kristian immediately following another song about alcoholic friends is purely coincidental. Not.
The Hives - Supply and Demand. Time to wake up!
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Flash Silver Bus. Garage punk a la japonese.
Mihimaru GT - Mihimarhythm. Super feel good dance pop.
Flans - Timido. The great 1990's Mexi-pop group that inspired Cholita.
Lulu's Marble - The Hanky Panky. Rough and dirty version of this 60's staple.
Young People With Faces - So Annoyed. Punky, spunky kids from Ketchum, ID who inspired me to name my next band "Old People With Fat Asses."
Gito Gito Hustler - Ambition. I recently saw this Japanese band live in Phoenix and they were a lot of fun and very sweet to my daughter, too!
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her - No Star. Sounds nothing like "Kiss The Girl" from The Little Mermaid.
Lolita No. 18 - Fortune Cards In Tibet. This band brings out the Japanese teenager in me.

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Anonymous said...

Alice,I like your Bagcasts, but I like your interviews and rants much more! I want to hear you rrrrrrannnnt! Violence Girl in middle age! You're so cute when you're pissed!

Anonymous said...

Alice, how do you find some of these obscure groups? Thee Michelle Gun Elephant??? They rock! I had never heard of them before and I just ordered their cd from Amazon. Thanks for unearthing this great punk rock from around the world.


Paddy boyo said...

...... hmmmmm..... funny what you find while popping about the internet. For a moment I thought someone else had started using your name. Anyway, how'd you end up in Phoenix? I moved out here from NYC about 8 months ago and though I haven't found many middle aged punks with dyed hair out here either, I have found a curiously large amount of people from the punk scenes of both LA and NY, who now look pretty average. If you're looking for folks around the same age with similar (musical at least) tastes, drop me an email. I tried to hook up to yours but my new OS won't let me link straight to email. Until I figure it out.
If you don't, good to see you're still around and doing something. Too many of my friends and artists from back then in general have gone..... well, down rather unpleasant roads. Or weren't able to bounce back in some way.
If you are inclined though, I'd love to talk. Or write. Or whatever.
Incidentally, you might find it nice to know I googled you because I was listening to "Survive" on my computer.

Andrew said...

Great bagcast, once again. Thanks for sharing your favorite music.

AC @ bloggedy blog and bloggedy pod.