Sunday, October 22, 2006

Annie Get Your Glue Gun

I drove my friend Angie to the airport today. I had been anticipating and preparing for her arrival for weeks and now here I was, saying goodbye to her. As soon as she had her time off from work secured we started discussing the many crafty projects that we would tackle together.

Angie is a postal worker, a bassist, a photographer and she knows her way around a sewing machine so we started the week off armed with one pattern and some vintage fabric. Angie and I bravely tried to decipher the confusing directions for the trendy Duro Dress.

What a nightmare! Neither of us had any luck with the pattern. Angie’s dress made her look like a Russian peasant ready to go out drinking with Rasputin and my dress landed in the trash can after I somehow ended up with a quilted waistband which made me look like the Michelin Man.

Since my husband was out of town, Angie, my daughter and I watched some girly themed movies. We started with the sappy, but oh-so-beautiful and entertaining Memoirs of a Geisha, followed by our old favorite Kamikaze Girls and climaxing with the classic Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill.

We took a little break from sewing to do some touristy stuff and shake off the bad experience. A visit to Prescott was in order and we hit my favorite thrift store and had lunch and some Liquid Amber at the Prescott Brewing Company. A young artist at a nearby table found us ravishing and sketched our portraits on a Magna-Doodle. Then we meandered around the town, searching for the Holy Grail - Angie needed to buy a Native American coffee mug for one of her friends but couldn’t seem to find the right one, so we went into every little shop in town but the perfect mug was not to be found.

The little day trip refreshed us and we were ready to start a new project. Next on the launch pad was a trouser skirt that Angie wanted to try to reconstruct. We hit the local Goodwill on 50% off day and got some men’s trousers. We ripped the seams out and I let Angie start her skirt first, since she seemed to have a clearer idea of what the finished product would look like. She ended up with the crotch jutting out in the back of her skirt like a tail.

Frustrated, I decided that what we needed to do was offer some libations to the Sewing Gods, who were obviously none too pleased with us. I suggested Pina Coladas but Angie, who is diabetic, said they were too sweet and countered with Melon Balls. I responded that earlier in the evening she’d already gone into a Zombie-like trance better known as an insulin reaction. She had to keep her blood sugar up. So we got the fixin's for both drinks. Dang if that wasn’t all we needed! I pulled out my duct tape and started tearing away furiously. But Angie was still feeling a little despondent. The Russian peasant dress and the trouser tail skirt had just about taken the wind out of her sails and she was all but ready to pull out her Balalaika and sing the blues.

After the first Pina Colada and a glimpse of how my purse was shaping up she decided to go for it. Never one to copy someone else’s project, Angie reached for a pie plate and made a circular duct tape purse. By the time the blender was empty, we were well on our way to success.

Later that night, while sipping Melon Balls and crank calling friends, we posed our one and only completed project for a photo. Angie would be going home the next day and we had only finished one of our many ambitious projects. We made plans to get together again on a regular basis with projects to share. We thought of starting a crafting group (or a band) called Annie Get Your Glue Gun (it’s funny after some Melon Balls). We talked about including some of our other talented friends and learning from and teaching each other. We dreamed about a retreat where a small group of artists, musicians, crafters, and bartenders go off on a vacation together to create and collaborate. We talked and laughed and felt renewed. Friendship, it’s a good thing : )


darkside777 said...

sign me up...
I can teach any one that want to learn, how to make my famous brownies....

The purses are to die for...

Jenny Lens said...

I've been a teacher all my life (something else Alice and I have in common). I've always taught art. I've been sewing and making things since I was three. I earned my degrees in art and made clothing, jewelry, furniture, yadda yadda. My art was exhibited since I was a child. But I never tried making anything under the influence of Melon Balls (I don't know what that is, somehow I don't think it's a carved out watermelon filled with honeydew and cantaloupe balls!), although certainly with wacky tobaccy.
And I LOVE "Annie Get Your Glue Gun"!

"Anything you can do, I can do better!"
"Can you bake a pie?"
"Neither can I!"

Annie wasn't crafty with her hands, but she had great aim. Her motto was "doing what comes naturally." I am a HUGE Broadway fan. It's my dream to produce a double CD with punk bands cover Broadway show tunes.

Sooooo busy with upcoming shows, books, exhibits and updating my website. And my gallery just called cos I might have a BIG sale coming up (to a major sports player!). My gallery director is such a sweetheart -- he's trying to help me buy a good scanner, something I desperately need. Talk about a friend!

But I miss making jewelry most of all and have barely used sewing machine I bought a few years ago. I'm never without a working sewing machine! So count me in!

Friendship is indeed a good thing ;-)

Anonymous said...

This was too funny! I've been known to crank phone call friends. Love the purses.

Be safe...

Anonymous said...

Hey Alice,

Just to keep in touch with the Halloween spirit, have you ever had any paranormal experiences? We used to live near the Mexican border, near a town called Mexicali...We lived in a house that was really haunted. Doors would open, drawers would come out, you could hear voices in the middle of the night, and sometimes,lights would turn on in the middle of the night. I wondered if you ever experienced the same...Sign me< a punk fan from the city of Angels...

Anonymous said...

Alice's bags..... hmmm has a nice ring to it