Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weird Fashion Sense Runs In The Family

My husband and I were cleaning out the garage this weekend and came across more boxes of old photos that were just stored in no particular order. One box had photos from 1950 to the recent past all lumped in together. In sorting through them, I first noticed the cool jacket and dress my Mom was wearing in this 1950's photo of her and my Dad in Mexico.

Then I found this photo of me wearing a blonde wig and another cool dress from when I was probably about 10-12 years old and going through my "phat and sassy" phase.

Next, I found this photo of myself in 1977, modeling my hand painted Weirdo's mini-skirt. Yes, those are paint smears from the skirt on my arms and face.

And last, I found this photo of my daughter, Snow, modeling her Betty Blowtorch tee and striking her rock star pose.

I think this is pretty conclusive evidence that weird fashion sense is somehow genetically pre-determined.


darkside777 said...

from Grandmother to daugther to granddaugther, the three of you are very very classy and unique.

Anonymous said...

Evidence of spunk and self confidence!

jennylens said...

I wouldn't say "weird fashion sense" as much as unique, fascinating, creative, thoughtful, and most of all, provocative. I've always said this: of all the women I shot, you were the most stylish. I love Pleasant, Cherie the Penguin, Trudie and Hellin, Trixie, Margo, Mary Rat, Belinda, Lorna, Shannon, Allison punk bunny, Exene and others.

But you had such a classy style, so poised, always such a joy to shoot and hang with!

Hope all is well. I just put up new versions of my photos as QuickTime movies and larger pix on

Of course shots of you on my Fashion links. I only posted 88 shots, so I had to edit out many faves. I wanna post the Punk Fashion show and so much more! Alice on the runway! Alice, Plez, Trudie, Hellin and others at Tower Records before the fashion show. Alice at parties and onstage.

I sure need help, so many photos, so little time.

A question: what's it like to unearth forgotten or never seen photos? Sometimes I cry because their beauty overwhelms me. So many I've never seen, too busy shooting and filing them away. Remembering those shows, parties, just hanging out. It's a constant movie; I see images when walking, at stores, asleep, reading, watching movies. As vivid as if I were there.

It's kinda freaky and sometimes I have to work with tears streaming down because you all were so great to shoot. I can't stop working. I try not to become overwhelmed with emotions (work is great for calming me down). So fashionable today, yet so daring then. Which I knew, which is why I shot so much and so often.

Tears because someone in my photo is long gone. Or because those times are long gone, the ability to make art, go out, enjoy oneself. Things are so expensive, so rushed, traffic so bad. Remember when we had time to do it all?

I don't live in the past, but I wish I could do more in less time. Technology is a double-edged sword: I had to teach myself new software to put up these new files. I spent more time learning than creating the work. But next time it will be faster. And so it goes.

But the one thing that keeps me going is the joy of finding and sharing these photos. And that's why we love seeing yours!

I want more of your parents. Those are such wonderful photos. And such handsome parents. No wonder you and your daughter are so beautiful.

Take care and thanks for posting. It's been awhile, but I know how that goes!

My best to your fashionable husband. Ohmygawd, you should post shots of him in his little sailor suit. Ohmygawd.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Ms. Bag! This is Harakiri, from Mexico City. That mom & dad pic happily walking in Mexico it's just great; and I 'm so curious, when did you all come to USA? I'm thinking how weird must have been for your family to face the fact of L. A.punk and hijita Alicia messing around!!
Would you tell me a litle about this??

Vanessa said...

Hello from Taiwan (ASIA)
That is a great style of your mom and dad...
Both of them are beautiful and handsome ...


Queen of Preen said...

Hi :-)
How interesting! You document so well. Oddly enough, I just stumbled across your blog. I like this collection of pictures! You have a away with words.


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