Monday, May 07, 2007

Giddy Old Biddy

I’m back in AZ now, but I’m still giddy from all the excitement of playing the Silver Lake Film Festival. I had an unforgettable time. From the moment I stepped off the plane until I got back on my return flight, I had the feeling that L.A. was as happy to see me as I was to see it. It all culminated on Saturday night with a show that made me feel like I was back at the Masque. Certainly the stage was about the same size and height and the crowd was every bit as fresh and enthusiastic as we were when we were 17. Never mind that I’m 48 - when I’m in the moment, the concepts of age and time are meaningless. It was only the next morning when suffering from punk rock neck that I remembered my age. It was worth it. Everyone looked like they were having fun and I know for sure that nobody could have possibly had a better time than I did.

I have so many people to thank: first of all, Ian Brennan for talking me into doing a few songs and making me feel secure in the knowledge that he was dealing with any business details that had to be taken care of. Lysa Flores was the first to step up and volunteer herself and her band to back me on any songs I wanted to do. She learned the songs from a CD, organized rehearsals, shlepped me back and forth all over town, gave me vocal tips, bought me presents and pretty much treated me like a queen. Without a doubt, Lysa is the most generous performer I’ve ever worked with.

Thank you to Jane Wiedlin, who graciously found time in her busy schedule to present me with the award and the fantastic guitar case. Sorry about the Adrien Brody moment, Jane - I couldn't help myself!

Thank you to the musicians. As Flames Evil eloquently put it, "You had an amazing band of badasses to back you." I can’t think of a better way to say it. David Jones, Garrett Ray, Gaby Godhead, Sharon Needles and Judy Cocuzza - each player a star in his/her own right - provided the tight, rocking music for me to scream and screech over. Not to mention guest backing vocalists Angie Garcia and Teresa Covarrubias.

Beyond all that, any musician knows that you can plan, practice and rock ‘til you’re blue in the face, but without a receptive audience, it’s just masturbation. The audience was made up of equal parts Class of '07 and Class of '77 alumni. Some bobbed their heads while holding onto walkers, while others dove into the center of the chaos and were lost in the frenzy. I was lost in the frenzy. So lost that I fucked up lyrics, sang in weird keys and forgot to sacrifice the virgin during Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice. Does anyone really give a shit? I don’t think so. I think we really had something. At least it was good for me.

Thank you L.A. You made this old bag really happy.

P.S. Thanks also to Suzie, who has posted this video footage of the show on MySpace:

Alice Bag

Thanks to Closed Circuit TV who posted this video of Babylonian Gorgon.

Alice Bag "LA"

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wunderola said...

woo! let's here it for growing older, but never growing up

Anonymous said...

"Adrien Brody moment"???!!! WWAAAAAHHH I MISSED IT!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alice for coming out and for a great time. You're the best!!!

Anonymous said...

OH SHIT I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS...I am going to cry now...

Please say you will do another show!!!

LouisJacinto said...

Alice Bag. The Best Voice!

D.D. said...

Alice Bag is the Queen of Chaos!

Anonymous said...

This Show was amazing! If you missed it you missed out!

Anonymous said...

yay! Alice turned us all into paste!!the "modern day virgin sacrifice" clip(taken by Suzie) is the Petrizzo brothers(sticks) ,the artifix kids,Genevieve Bag having the time of our life...INTENSE,still reeling from it...Diane Gamboa takes the stage and flips the bird to everyone!!!.and Haydee Ramone is dancing up there in her slip!!!! 07' Alice Bag !!! the need to see her do what she did consumes us all ...makes us munch and feeed her making our hearts race is what set us free that night!!!!!!!!

Chris Petrizzo

Anonymous said...

A fun time was had by all! We enjoyed being on stage with you again, miss the good old days, can't wait to see you soon! XXOO A

Alice Bag said...

1. I won't say I will do another show.
2. Louis, thanks but did you check the audio on your computer? I appreciate it anyway!
3. "Queen of Chaos" I like that, it has a nice ring to it.
4. Chris - LOL! "make you into paste" is cracking me up!!!

Anonymous said...

If you missed this show, you missed a piece of punk rock history. That's the only way I can explain it. Alice took us all back to the old school and made us understand why she is regarded as the Queen of L.A. Hardcore Punk. Alice Bag owned that title from the minute she stepped onstage. Pure energy, intensity, fury, felt like a bomb exploded in my guts and the crowd went out of control with the fever.

Thank you, Alice, Lysa and your amazing band of musicians for restoring my faith in punk rock. I will never forget it!


Brendan Mullen said...

It was a helluva night at that Silverlake Film Festival! Show of the year, so far, for me! What bad-assed musicians you assembled...all of 'em stellar players, all of 'em rockin' 100% ...sound was tight, driving...with deep dope snarlin' punk groove, way it's s'pposed t be...what a blast to be there in the room high on Geritol and good vibes, way past my decrepit codger bedtime...experiencing the wild crowd enthusiasm...a lovely bunch o' great impassioned peeps with NO LOONY PUNK GHOULS THERE CREEPIN' ME OUT. Haha. A night of unspoiled joyfulness. It was so great to see you and Lisa play again and to see Jane Wiedlin, Terry Graham, Dawn Wirth and Ruben Guevara in well as Leon Catfish, a wonderfully talented young 'un who's one of the main folks who worked so hard on the Masque 30th anniversary foto book .... can't wait to see the footage that Greg McWhorter shot and to hear this Bags compilation of past rarities...all my love forever,

Anonymous said...

Cool video. Congrats on the award! I hear ol' Pleasant Puss got some kind of an award lately - what was it for?

Anonymous said...

Fuck. I swear to god, I miss EVERYTHING... Alice, if you would, please post the lyrics to Gluttony sometime! :D