Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From The Collection of Paul Problem

I got an email this week from an old friend who used to go by the name of Paul Problem back in the early punk days. As a co-editor for Flipside, Paul was very involved in the scene from 1978-1981 and he kindly allowed me to share some of his personal collection of snapshots from those days.

I've posted a few selections here along with his (and my) recollections. You can see more of his photos in a photo gallery on Flickr. Thanks a million, Paul!

That's me as a blond in a photo booth on Hollywood Blvd., the Vive le Rock (t-shirt) is a Seditionaries that belonged to Steve Jones, my Flipside press photo card (is) below and the one taken of me by Pat when I roadied for The Bags at a club on Pico.

New Year's party at the Other Masque- superstar band (The Monsters) - Nickey Beat, Stan Lee, Darby singing, Kira Roessler and Paul Roessler, photo by Al Flipside.

Trudie munching on some popcorn at a punk picnic in Hollywood. Tomata and X8 in the background.

Group photo at the Other Masque- guy with mustache is a friend of Brendan, Dave from Rhino 39 in Long Beach who died a short time later, Brendan, Girard from Whittier-loosely affiliated with Flipside crew- the very first deathrocker guy!, the blond was Nickey Beat's girlfriend at the time (Barbara James), the other girl was Sue from Long Beach and that's me on the right- photo taken by Al.


Jenny Lens said...

That picnic w/Trudie was at Wattles Park, May 28, 1979. It was Tomata and Liara's, the late sister of Chase Holiday, birthdays. I have the most fab shots of that day! That was really fun to see the punks all dressed up and at a park during the day!

Love the photos. I never went to the Other Masque. Great lineup of Nickey, Stan, Darby, Kira and Paul.

Those were the days when we all got together for fun, shows and parties. Now we're spread all over and everything costs so much.

Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Girard sure looks familiar, but I can't quite place him. I don't think he went to Whittier High. I'll ask X-8.