Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pogo Proof Cameras - Punk Rock Pix

I’m thrilled to tell you about the exciting things that are happening to some of my talented friends. This coming Saturday night from 7:00 to 10:00 pm, Drkrm Gallery will be hosting the opening reception for Destroy All Music, The Masque and Beyond, a photography exhibition featuring the work of Dawn Wirth and Louis Jacinto.

Both Dawn and Louis have been pretty quiet about their photos of the early L.A. punk scene for many years. They’ve finally decided to dust off their proof sheets and share the treasures they’ve recently unearthed with the rest of us. It should be a fun reception with lots of faces from the past. It's too bad that I can't make it out to L.A. but I will certainly be there in spirit and perhaps in a few of the photos. Coincidentally, the Drkrm Gallery is located in Glassell Park, walking distance from my old home. Stop in at King Taco on Cypress Ave after the show, I used to love their carne asada tacos back in my carnivorous days.

The internationally recognized work of Ms. Jenny Lens is also currently on display in the new Punk 365 coffee table book. Jenny has been tirelessly documenting the punk and rock scenes for decades and many of her photos have achieved iconic status. She has her own book in the works and you can read about it on her website and blog.

Punk 365 also features the photos of former Dead Boys tour manager and Whisky A G0-Go ticket girl Theresa Kereakes.

I'm extremely proud to have three of the photographers whose work is featured in Punk 365 in my Women In L.A. Punk section: Dawn Wirth, Jenny Lens and Theresa Kereakes. Congratulations to you all!


Kelly Thompson said...

I'll check it out. The dark room is on the second Saturday NELA (Northeast LA) Gallery tour list.

What a great gallery to show their photographs! Congratulations and good luck.

Jenny Lens said...

Alice, thanks for the plug. I have photos of the Bags in Punk 365 (and 23 other shots, but Abrams wanted 48, read about it on my blog at and you in my fashion lineup in the Tower Records parking lot, Sept 23, 1977 in Spin (7 shots, plus they chose MY Darby to kick off their online Punk section)!!

So blow your own horn, you are in these publications (cos of me!). And of course you are in several photos in my "Punk Pioneers" from Rizzoli, April 2008.

What are friends for but to help and promote each other! How fab!!

I want to plug my new blog,, cos I'm writing lots of stories with photos about the past.

Just as importantly, I'm focused on sharing the struggles getting photos out these days due to lawyers and corporations, who really make it hard for me to use my photos as much as I wish! And how repressive policies are also silencing my voice. I spend more time dealing with legal issues, and make so little, while my photos languish. If I could only put ALL my time into the photos themselves, oh joy, one can dream.

So my blog will address issues that have no other route to reach people. I've been blogging for years, but I keep removing them to redesign. I still need tons of redesign, but these are starting to be noticed! Good, cos I have lots of photos and stories to share!

By the way, it is with great sadness I share the news from Cherie the Penguin: Tony the Tiger passed this week. I blogged it, with pix.

LouisJacinto said...

Hi Alice!

Both Dawn and I were hoping that you might be able to make the photo exhibit. I told Dawn that if I saw you walking in I would start screaming as if I were watching The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night!" :>)

There is lots of Internet press about this show and several entries always state, "Watch for shots of The Bags!"

Thanks for all your support this past year by talking up my book PUNKROCK LOSANGELES on your blog. The kids are still absolutely crazy about you and the rest of The Bags.

Drkrm. Gallery owner, John Matkowsky, absolutely LOVES the pix of The Bags' drumkit. Also up in the show is that pix of you that you like at the Hong Kong Cafe with the bloody lip! John has done the most wonderful printing of my pix, with just great, great framing. And the space itself is just lovely.

And thanks again for the nice plug for Dawn and I on your blog!

- Louis Jacinto

Anonymous said...

i would be no one, IF it was not for you Miss Alice.
I am very very grateful to you.


LouisJacinto said...

The opening reception for DESTROY ALL MUSIC The Masque & Beyond PHOTOS FROM THE EARLY LA PUNK SCENE 1977-1978, clearly showed that Dawn Wirth captured, like no one else, the seminal age of Punk Rock music in Los Angeles.

The crowd of 300+ included members of Nervous Gender, The Bags, The Skulls and The Weirdos.

Also in attendance, clearly to attest to Dawn's artistry was The Masque owner, Brendan Mullen.

I was honored & humbled to have my work from the same period to be exhibited next to Dawn's masterpieces.

drkrm. Gallery owner, John Matkowsky must be commended for his insight in presenting this show which documents the last great social upheaval in popular music and culture.

And a great big thank you to Alice Bag, a great supporter of both mine and Dawn's work!

The show runs through October 26. It is a must see!

drkrm. Gallery, 2121 San Fernando Road, Suite 3, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Alice Bag said...

You are all talented and well... yes, I knew it before others, but you each deserve the success that you're having. Don't be so modest, just enjoy it.

Theresa K. said...

Alice - if not for people like you MAKING the music... a lot of the scene wouldn't exist! Thank you so much for everything you do and your kind words of encouragement for all of us!


Jenny Lens said...

I changed my blog just to