Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hillary Clinton Music Video - Women On Top

In the spirit of home made crafting, my family just created this music video for the Hillary Clinton campaign. I used a demo recording of my old band, Stay At Home Bomb performing a song called "Women On Top," which seemed just perfect for the purpose. I should add the disclaimer that this is my song and it represents my choice for '08. I'm not speaking for anyone else in the band.

There is no limit to what you can do yourself with the right tools and the desire to learn. Hope you enjoy it!

Women On Top - Stay At Home Bomb

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Flavia said...

First of all, you created a wonderful video with lots of great history (herstoy?) in there. I am usually in complete agreement with your viewpoints but this time I have to say that I believe Barak Obama to be the superior candidate on several levels.

Most importantly, Mr. Obama has vowed to begin the pullout of troops from Iraq where Ms. Clinton has not. Even if you accept the Clinton position that she voted to authorize the war based on the best information at hand, there is no reason on earth why anyone who is not beholden to the oil companies would not admit that the whole affair has been a fiasco and we need to get the hell out. Obama had the guts to take a stand against the war when everyone else was along for the ride.

I think Obama and Clinton are actually closer on the issues than most people realize and the rhetoric they use is quite similar. The major difference is that Obama shows the remarkable ability to inspire the most important demographic in our country, the youth. He has promised to help rebuild the commitment to service and change that led to much of the social change and improvements in the 1960's, including the feminist movement.

Hillary has many powerful enemies in Washington and although that is not necessarily a reason to not vote for her, she does not have a corresponding popular support to help her overcome those entrenched opposing forces. Barak, for whatever reason, does. He has inspired hope that things can change, even though many of us felt it was too far gone.

I fully agree that having a woman in the White House is long overdue but it's more important to me that we move this country in the opposite direction from the status quo as quickly as possible and that is going to take all the energy and optimism our younger generations can muster.

But hey - Clinton/Obama Obama/Clinton ain't too shabby! We can all hope and pray that they end up as running mates.

Rock on!

Alice Bag said...

I think Obama is a good candidate and I agree that a Clinton/Obama ticket would be fantastic. I also agree with you that the two candidates are pretty close on the issues.

I understand why people are smitten with Obama. It’s a lot easier to be smitten with someone when you’ve known them a short time. I feel that I have a long term relationship with Hillary. I’ve seen the ugly side of her and her idealist side. I’ve seen her riding high and I’ve seen her hold her head up in the worst of times. I’ve seen her get things done and speak out against injustice when others were silent about it.

Hillary has experience. If she has enemies, it’s because she has challenged people. As much as I love Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, I know it’s a movie and in real life, a Mr. Smith would be chewed up and spit out by the sharks that inhabit Washington. I want to send someone in there who knows what she’s doing, who can swim with the sharks, but who is not one of them. I believe that person is Hillary Clinton. She has the experience, she has the knowledge, strength and determination and she’s a woman!

Taylor Marsh said...

Personally speaking, we are facing an opportunity that is unlikely to happen again in my lifetime. Well, maybe it will, but I don't see any woman in the wings waiting for a shot. It hasn't happened in over 200 years, though that's hardly as important as the issues facing our country and who can solve them. Women got jailed for wanting to vote, and were the last to get it; though no one has suffered voting discrimination more than African Americans, which has been even worse for AA females. Women got jailed for wanting power over our own bodies. We fought to have rights separate from our husband. We're still fighting for equal pay. I doubt we'll ever get equal representation on the cable shows! (Forget Meet the Press.) We've been daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, single and now we can even be child free without stigma. We've come a long way, baby. We can have it all. So why not the presidency? We can't do any worse than the men, though that's not saying much considering the jackass in power right now. But what a man can do with no experience and a little flash, a woman of the same age cannot. Women need to work for years and prove they're ready for the job, while a man does not. Now, when one immensely qualified woman is ready to lead, we're all being told that she's not change enough. To some of us, regardless of race or even gender, she not only looks like change, but sounds like change, because she is the very embodiment of change. But that's certainly not the entire issue. We've finally been presented with a qualified woman who is ready and who's proven it. Elect a brilliant woman to do a job men have been doing for two centuries in a country where women are the majority. The first woman ever to run this country. Change, baby.

Alex said...

Hooray for Alice! I just saw your video on CBS Evening News - I am SOOO Proud of you. You are the ultimate punk rock DIY Goddess! From aprons to high powered political ads -- RIGHT ON, SISTER!!!

LouisJacinto said...

Hillary! Yes!

Jenny Lens said...

I initially resisted even looking at the video, let alone writing about it. But after reading Alice's follow-up blog, about people slogging Hillary merely because she's a woman, I decided to view her video.

I was so blown away I posted a glowing recommendation of Women on Top. I am not yet 100% behind Clinton, but due to Alice's text, I am seeing Hillary in a different light.

The video has so much historical merit, that it needs to be seen and discussed, both in context with Hillary, but just as importantly, if not more so, in context of American society right now.

Amazing piece of work! Thank you Alice!

Marina said...

Wow, great video by a great woman about another great woman. It definitely gives me more ammunition to support Hillary. Compared to the vacuous, celebrity-filled video about "change" and Obama, your video really tells the true story of change. This should be mandatory viewing in all college classes. Alice hit it right on the nose about society demanding that a woman work way harder than a man but when she steps up to the plate, she is characterized as betraying her femininity. Hillary truly is the embodiment of change and I will continue to support her. I urge you all to donate to her campaign in any way you can. I think Alice's contribution is amazing. Alas I can only contribute money.

the botticelli babe said...

My daughter and son just saw your video and boy do I have a lot of questions to answer!

I'm linking to your blog from mine. It's just a baby blog and I'm still feeling my way around the blognet.

the botticelli babe said...

Also, thank you for introducing me to Candye Cane through an earlier blog post.