Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sometimes Desert, Sometimes Sea

San Diego has been keeping me busy these past few months. It’s strange, going from the slow pace of Cave Creek, AZ to a faster city pace. Although San Diego isn’t as big as Los Angeles, the fun stuff is much closer together and you get that urban rush. So much of feeling like you’re part of a city depends on where you live. When I was in LA, I had a different lifestyle depending on which part of town I was living in. In Culver City, it was all about the multiple Trader Joe experience, bike rides on the beach and sitting in traffic. In Mount Washington, it was bohemian, artsy, city views and parties. In East Los, it was all about the thrift stores, the cemetaries and good, greasy Mexican food.

The North Phoenix/Cave Creek experience was a welcome change from LA. I learned to enjoy long walks in the unspoiled desert, I was insulated and isolated and had plenty of time for solitary pursuits. That’s how my crafting obsession started. With no musician friends around to engage in musical endeavors, I started to gravitate towards things I could make by myself, for myself. With music, I always find myself wanting to record and perform for an audience. I found my audience was more Tempe than Cave Creek, but I digress.

Sometimes Desert...North Phoenix/Cave Creek

Here in San Diego, I live right in the heart of the city and there’s always something happening. It took my 2 years in Phoenix to find friends I could relate to. It took me less than 2 months here. Of course, a lot has to do with my being proactive. I started a Meetup group called Destroyers of Mass Production. The group was meant to attract crafters who are committed to reducing their dependence on corporate goods by helping each other sharpen their creative skills to the point where they can construct the things they need. My online group has the same purpose and exchanges crafting, gardening and cooking tips as well as provocative ideas.

Sometimes sea...North Park at night

In San Diego, there’s so much going on that it’s hard to get the Zen feeling of crafting in isolation. There are pros and cons to this. Here, I often I feel like a Model T trying to do 80 on the highway. I’m getting a lot done, meeting lots of people, but I sometimes wonder if I'm leaving parts strewn on the road. I’ve even pushed myself to enter a group collage show at the local bar/gallery. My Destroyers group motivates me and keeps me striving for goals that I sometimes think are slightly beyond my reach. I guess that’s good, but my soul craves the long walks in the desert, the clear skies, beautiful sunsets and the simple joy of nothing to do, no place to be. But I guess the views are not too shabby here.

Switzer Canyon, San Diego...where I walk my dog

This weekend, there’s a big craft fair hosted by the North Park Craft Mafia which I have to go to, there’s the San Diego Indie Music Fair and the South Park Walkabout, all of which are walking distance from my house and all are fun things that I want to do. Some of my new crafty friends will be there and the events are all family friendly, so what’s a girl to do?


LouisJacinto said...

I'm glad you're back in California.

Jenny Lens said...

WTF you moved? You are always full of surprises! No wonder you haven't updated your blog in awhile. Major c-h-a-n-g-e-s!

Send me your mailing address! I have a copy of "Punk Pioneers" for you!! Plez got hers today. The BEST part of doing the book is reconnecting with peeps (or getting their feedback of those I'm in touch with), and it hasn't hit the streets.

Wow, have you got a great view! I love how you describe leaving "parts [of you] strewn behind." You are such a brilliant and gifted writer!

I walk about 3-6 miles at a stretch several times a week (in addition to daily yoga). My car needs work, so I walk all my errands. I shock neighbors who wouldn't think of walking to the local Santa Monica Co-Op, Staples, the hardware store, the library (my fave place -- I've gotten into yoga, I am quickly getting sooo flexible and strong!, OMG, and borrowing tons of books and DVDS, and my fave Broadway musicals), and I walk to the b/w lab and postal drop off to send off pix. I take the bus downtown for the bigger library and free yoga classes.

You found crafting, I found yoga. I haven't felt community like this since punk, although it is quite different. I'm connecting on a healthy level, but we don't hang out after class. So it goes.

But, to quote Scarlett O'Hara, I am "pea green with envy" you do what you do. But you earned it, for sure!!

I think of you all the time cos I finally got my hands on "Wicked." You turned me onto it, and now I can't stop telling everyone about it. I wish I had the money to see it while it's playing in LA. I wish they'd make the movie NOW with Idina (a nice Jewish girl married to such a beautiful black man --Taye Diggs, and they are soooo in love -- oh gawd do I love men of color) and Kristin.

So shoot me a mailing addy and I'll forward it to Rizzoli. My best to you and yours!