Saturday, June 07, 2008

Unearthing Bagasaurus Rex

More stuff from the archives today, a vintage Bags flyer from the infamous Trashing of The Troubadour show (uploaded in high resolution to my Flickr page) and a couple more audio files, courtesy of the folks at Artifix, who originally surfaced these and brought them to our attention. I believe these live recordings are from 1978 at the Hong Kong Cafe, but I am not certain. The first song is our cover of the old standard, "That's Life," popularized by Frank Sinatra, but more specifically, this is a cover of a cover. Actually, it's a cover of a popular TV commercial from the 1970's for Sanyo home electronics which featured a pretty, glamorous actress named Susan Anton singing the tag line, "that's life, that's what people say...Sanyooooo!" Obviously, it sounded nothing like the Bags' version. It's immediately followed by a version of TV Dinner, much different from the version which was released on the Live At The Masque cd.

These bootleg recordings are very raw and we cleaned them up as well as we could. Enjoy!

The Bags - Sanyo Theme/TV Dinner-Mp3


Anonymous said...

holy fuckin shit that is intense!!!!!!!!!!!!more,more,more,more

Anonymous said...

love the exchange of words preceding Sanyo...that songs called a chainsaw..yeah I can believe it..Texas..heheh A++++

After TV Dinner I think Alice says okay now wheres my other shoe