Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Last Entry of Violence Girl

I've posted the final entry of True Life Adventures of Violence Girl, my online autobiography project today at We've already taken down the first half of the entries; the second half will come down in a week or so. I will not be reposting any of this work in the foreseeable future, so please check it out now if you are at all curious.

Thanks again and I'll be back to writing on my Diary of a Bad Housewife blog in no time at all!



Anonymous said...

Oh Alice.

I am very very sad that you did.
I,I, I.... Wow

I was still re-reading and I was sending possible Grapic Artists your way to see your blogs via my Online show. And because i am an idiot i didn't send them fast inof

I checked eveyday to see if there was new entries and didn't look for a few days and after a really BAaaad Week i found they are gone....

I sad.....

But I know you are up to something and I am on the edge (on the Edge literally) of my seat and will hope to see them again in Hand held form.

From A Wreck called "Guardian Demon"

Gahhh can it get better it wont let me send unless i do Anonymous


Hi Alice, my name is John Rose, I'm 41, a longtime fan, & I love your blog. I live in Phoenix, and am a punk rock/pop culture obsessive. I also produce indie films. My little brother Stephen is a filmmaker. His latest documentary, Hi My Name Is Ryan is on the film festival circuit. I think we could do a great job of documenting your story. Thanks, I'm gonna miss those daily posts!
                    John Rose
                    cell: 602 460 0040
                    home: 602 354 2930
                    Modern Needs Blog (