Friday, August 19, 2011

Truth Stands Tall

I've started writing with some of my girlfriends. We have a poem/song a week challenge that's meant to sharpen our writing skills and provide topics for discussion. This week's challenge just happened to be writing about a woman you admire. I chose a woman who fought hard for women's rights. See if you can guess who I picked.It's just me and my ipad. This is my first time using the Garage Band app so don't expect perfection. If I waited for perfection you might never hear it. Take a listen...

Truth Stands Tall

My arms have lifted heavy loads
With no help at all
Had none to steady me
If I were to fall

(Cm- Fm )
And ain't I a woman? Aint I a woman?

My children sold and sent away
My heart ripped apart
I never lost my way
Not even In the  dark

And ain't I a woman?Ain't I a woman?

Ab (barre)-Eb(barre)
Now you extend a gloved hand armed with chivalry
Ab (barre)- Bb (barre)
You're telling me you want to help me cross the street (ha!)

Ain't I a woman?

Oh I have ploughed and I have planted
but reaped no fruit
You took it all away
Well, all except the truth

You think I'm fragile, you think I'm weak
But I'm resilient and I'll prove that I'm not meek

You seem surprised I am not broken
I will not crawl
I will not falter, will not fall
For Truth stands tall

Ain't I a woman? (a million times)

Truth Stands Tall by alicebag


Anonymous said...

it's really nice to see someone taking the plunge and showing how they aren't afraid to learn something new and put it to use right away, e.g. garageband. thanks for sharing this-- how is the writing group? would love to do something like this la-- or via web

Tammy said...

omg - Sojourner Truth! some of my favorite words in there.