Monday, January 16, 2012

Class War 2012

One of my favorite punk rock songs, one which still seems incredibly relevant. Class War was originally written and performed by Chip and Tony Kinman, aka The Dils. This live recording was captured during a Violence Girl book reading on January 14, 2012 in Oakland, CA.

I guess you probably know that if I'm going to do a book tour, it won't be a traditional "sit down on a stool and read excerpts" kind of thing.

Here is Class War performed by Alice Bag: vocals, Lysa Flores: guitar and backing vocals, Dave Jones: bass and Martin Sorrendeguy: drums and backing vocals. New lyrics as follows:

I wanna war between the rich and the poor / I wanna fight and know what I'm fighting for / I wanna class war, class war, this war, that war, class war, class war / In New York and LA / City Halls are Occupied / There's no escape / from the mighty 99 / I wanna class war, class war, class war, this war, that war, class war, class war / If I'm gonna fight in Iraq or Afghanistan / there'll be a war right here in this very land / I wanna Class War, Class War, This War, That War, Class War, Last War.

Class War Live in Oakland by alicebag


Matt "Max" Van said...

Awesome! great version and a pivotal song for me- I seriously joined the RCP based upon the Dils, and while I don't think I'd qualify as a commie, these days, I still think I could be called a pinko- and yes, I think that the OWS could use a little more Marx. Maybe Karl, maybe Groucho, but more Marx, nonetheless.

Andrew said...

duh, punk songs for the 99%! great job!