Thursday, August 19, 2004

Dresden Dolls Live

WOW! We were lucky enough to see the Dresden Dolls perform at the Troubadour last night and it was an amazing, inspiring show. They will be appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight (thanks to Falling James for the tip-off) so do check them out if you're a night owl.

Amanda onstage at the Troubadour 8/18/04
As I said, it was an inspiring show and I'm really leaning towards playing keyboards in C-Squad now. As I was watching the band last night I started thinking of how far women performers have come. PJ, Patti, Amanda (Dresden Dolls), Beth Ditto (from The Gossip)... There's a long list of women who can really kick butt. When I was growing up there were a lot of great female singers, but there were all the girly traps they had to get around. Do you know what I'm talking about? Dress this way, wear these clothes, act a certain way...All those things affected not just how they looked and how they acted on stage, they affected who they were and who we, as an audience, had as role models. The great women performers today seem to go beyond those girly traps; they can wear mini skirts and high heels, or dirty jeans, it doesn't matter. They're androgynous, passionate, intelligent human beings, who just happen to be women. It wasn't always that way. OK, I know all this feminist shit has got to be boring you.

Las Tres is going to be mixing at our friend's recording studio today. I will keep you all posted on our progress. Don't forget that Las Tres will be appearing at 8:30 pm on August 28 with our friend, Brian Grillo! Hope to see you all there.

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