Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Pictures Please PJ Pla-Boy

We went to see PJ Harvey last night at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood and took a few pictures. Unfortunately this one is the best of the bunch:
The PlaYboy Liquor store in Hollywood is an uncredited source of inspiration for the late seventies L.A. Punk scene. Its location, within stumbling distance of the Canterbury, made it an indispensable part of the early community. I just wanted to bring that to your attention. Now let's have a drink!

Oh yeah, here's the one not so good pic of PJ Harvey:

PJ rocked hard but her guitarist was way too Moons Over My Hammy. Less ham, more jam please.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Playboy Liquors is still there? My friends who lived at Yucca and Cherokee said that was the most dangerous corner in Hollywood. All I remember (1982)about the place was they had a picture of a semi -regular customer over the cash register . The guy was named something Sinatra. There was a place down the block named Two Guy's Pizza which I thought was really good as well as cheap. They kept my broke Mississppi ass from starving. The Canterbury skeered me cos I thought I saw burnt human remains hanging from the fire escape. Hi Alice! I am so gklad your enthusiasm is still undiminished. I had that Slash with you on the cover pinned up on my wall for years. It finally disintegrated . Bobby in Memphis

Alice Bag said...

That neighborhood was pretty rough back in the punk days and it's just as rough today. It's stubbornly resisted gentrification. I think those burnt human remains hanging off the fire escape at the Canterbury might be one of my exes.

; )

Irwin Yowell said...

Enjoyed reading your posts.

Jennifer said...

Hi Alice,

Great blog and web site. Thanks for providing such a valuable archive of information.

I was in Hollywood last weekend and took a picture of this building at Cherokee and Yucca. Is this the old Canterbury Apts/Plunger Pit? It caught my eye because of the crusty fountain in the middle of the courtyard, which is not visible in this picture.



Alice Bag said...

Yes, that is the Canterbury. The Plunger Pit was a different place altogether, check out Trudie's interview to read about it: