Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Back In Town

I'm back home in L.A. after spending the holidays in Mexico City with my aunt and cousins. I spent some time talking with my teenage nephews and nieces and their friends about the music they like and sharing some of the music I listen to. They had heard the names of a few old U.S. punk bands, but had not really heard any of the music, so they were very receptive to it. They call bands like Blink 182 "happy punk", which I guess means that it sounds kind of poppy to them. The most popular bands are the Roc en Espanol bands, which makes perfect sense, it's always nice to know what the singer is saying. Anyway, I was toying with the idea of offering a mirror website to www.alicebag.com in Spanish so that Spanish-only speakers could learn about the late seventies L.A. punk scene.

Speaking of the website, it's going through some updating right now. The webmaster has decided that it would be a good idea to expand the punk archive section with more historical items. The photo galleries will be changing and growing. We're adding a whole section for Cholita! - The Female Menudo, because that band was a lot of fun and we have a lot of documentation. I'm still hounding my dear friends for their responses to my "Women In L.A. Punk Interview" and will post them as I get them. And lastly, the website store has finally been expanded to include some new items.

Stay At Home Bomb will be doing two shows in January, the first one is this Saturday in Long Beach:

Then, we're playing at the Echo on January 23rd with Magnolia Thunderpussy and The Urinals. More info tba.

Las Tres will be performing at a benefit show for United Action, a progressive group of activists within UTLA on January 21st. Also appearing will be Ozomatli.

Looks like a busy couple of weeks. Thanks for checking in!

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