Saturday, January 15, 2005

Women In L.A. Punk Part 3

Yes, dear readers...a new interview has just been posted to the Women In L.A. Punk section of my website. I was able to get in touch with Sue Langland (aka Jade Zebest) through Jenny Lens (thanks again, Jenny!). Jade and her sister, Zandra, were on hand to witness the birth and explosion of the West Coast punk scene (I guess you could say they were midwives) and documented the colorful misadventures of the participants in their fanzine, "Generation X."

Alice Bag, Jade Zebest and Belinda Carlisle

Jade included some photos to post alongside her interview and the image above jogged my memory. I went digging through the scrapbooks my mother had assembled 25 years ago and I found amongst the tattered and yellowed newspapers several pages of Jade's fanzine, which we have scanned and posted in their entirety in the archives.

Check out Jade's interview by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Alice,great job once again!Those early flyers your mother saved are wonderful and Jade's interview was one of the best.She's right that early scene was diverse and ultra creative.Could you please comment on Pearl Harbor's death.I saw nothing of it in the press and it was shocking as she was a vital part of the S.F. punk scene and continued on with her psychobilly band.Keep up the great work Alice.

Alice Bag said...

Sue Langland responds:

There were 2 Pearl Harbors! Both took the name at about the same time. One was in SF as noted by your correspondent and one was in LA. The Pearl that died was in LA and was my friend of some 30 years. She was a
true original that never quite lived up to her potential as one of the funniest humans I've ever known. I don't know if you have it archived,
but she wrote a hilarious essay for GEN X about attempting to explain punk rock to the people attending Beauty School with her in the late '70s.

Unfortunately, drug problems had a profound and unfortunate effect on her life and she didn't go out in the scene as much as she could have, but Slash once considered her for a cover, and she knew Debby Harry
(Harry's manager thought that Pearl was a "look alike") She was also Pat Smear's first girlfriend in the scene. Pearl also has a few shots in "Up In Smoke" and my friend Meredith has found her photo in at least one of
the photo books on LA Punk in the '70s. Like I said, a true original, and her passing caused me as much pain as the death of my sister...."

Sara said...

Sue "jade". Why won't you return my emails? Ive been searching my whole life for my mother. You are the closest thing in this world I have to family. I am proud of who Joan/Zandra was and I am proud to be her daughter. I am your niece and Joann's spitting image. Please don't turn your back on me. Ive already lost my mother and father-now i am losing my only aunt.