Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hot Tip for 2Nite

Psst! Rudy Bleu and Senior host a weekly dance party at Little Pedro's called La Polla Loca and tonight fatherfucker/rockstar Peaches is going to rock the turntables as a guest DJ. It should be packed, so get there early. Little Pedro's is on 1st street, as you leave Little Tokyo and head toward the bridge, on your left hand side.


my-fi said...

PSST... Baggies! I had the exquisite pleasure of bumping into none other than Alice Bag and her perfectly coiffed manthing at Astro's Family Restaurant on Tuesday night! They didn't finish their onion rings and were still a bit "fresh" after a few bluehawaiians at Tiki Ti. The visitation was sublime. I've not bathed and have been glowing since. Do you think the mascara on my right ear might stay for a week more?? Alice has always been an inspiration to me, and for a glorious period, was a close and invaluable friend. She helped me and hoped me and flattered me and wrote songs with me. She took me into her home and trusted me and filled me with lots of hope and energy. I'm sorry to say that I didn't make enough effort to keep in touch. NOw, after checking this web-site, I guess I should have clutched more tightly to her coat-tails... Really, though, I hope that if I ever bump into Alice again, I can tell her how much she means to me. Maybe if we extract ourselves from the houses which control us, we can overtake the world with new music unlike any other ever imagined?

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO I AM THERE! Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Alice is an awesome girl and her husband is great too.
I was wondering where you 2 were.
I hope all is well..

Kat Jetson said...

Hello, not-Alice-but-her-husband, Greg.

I'm a huge Peaches fan, but unfortunately I just got to this post this morning. Weep weep.

Thanks so much for the Alice site/blog. You two are amazing!