Sunday, June 12, 2005

How To Destroy The Universe

No, it's not the title of George W. Bush's bedside reading. How To Destroy The Universe is the name of a 3 day music/art/performance festival in the Bay Area from June 24 - June 26 in which Punkoustica will take part, along with dozens of artists and acts ranging from a "human body hook suspension" (I have a few candidates in mind for that) to Kira Roessler and Mike Watt's DOS to a rare performance by Savage Republic. Punkoustica (formerly Las Tres) has stripped down and de-petrified our sound and you can hear a sample of our newer material right now. It's raw from the garage...literally. Click on the thumbnail below to download an MP3 of Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice. Rip it, burn it, play it for all your friends.

Stare at your reflection
Looking for perfection
What you're looking for is never seen
The truth that I behold is crystalline

I can tell you now, I can tell you now
That road will get you lost
I can tell you now, I can tell you now
It isn’t worth the cost

You’re indoctrinated
The monster must be sated
And you my little lamb, my little girl
Are ripe to feed the greed of this old world

I can tell you now, I can tell you now
That road will get you lost
I can tell you now, I can tell you now
It isn’t worth the cost
Oh look at you, all sugar and spice
You’re a modern day virgin sacrifice

Punkoustica is on Myspace. Check us out, sign up and become our friend! Myspace is a great place to check out new bands and see naked butts, too.

Here's the flyer from Mobilization for the How To Destroy fest. Click on it to find out ticket prices and lots more info. I hope those of you who live in the Bay Area can make it out to this event.


Anonymous said...

who did the drawing of the band?
they are very very good...

congrats on the gig in SF!

Anonymous said...

The new song is quite a departure from the old, smooth Las Tres style that I recall. It's good though, I can hear why you changed the name to Punkoustica. The name describes your sound perfectly.

Break a leg in SF!


jessee said...

Holy shit!!!
I fuckin dig this, BIGTIME!!!

I'm so going to SF

1st rounds on me!!

Malissa said...

THIS FUKKIN ROCKS!!! Can't wait to see you!

dandy said...

You're heading in the right direction. I love the band's new sound.

GV said...

The 10 year old artist known as "Snow" did the band drawing. We paid her in Slurpees and Fun Dip.

Anonymous said...

i wish i could go to this, sounds so fun. boo hoo.

darkside777 said...

does "snow" do drawing for cash or just 7'11 cash?