Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dinah Cancer on Indie 103.1

Sorry for the short notice, but I just found out about this today. Dinah Cancer will be a guest on Indie 103.1 fm's Mighty Morning Show on Tuesday, July 19. The show begins at 7 am and guests usually roll in around 8am. Supposedly, Dinah will be getting a tattoo live on air while the host interviews her. Please listen on your radio, or you can stream it on the internet at

Call in to the station at (877) 900-1031 and let Dinah know you're listening!

Dinah is one of the real pioneers of what has come to be called "horror punk" or "death rock." And I suppose it's time to officially announce that members of Castration Squad, including Dinah, will be reuniting for a one time only show in September at the Key Club in Hollywood. More details to follow soon.


Anonymous said...

I heard part of it this morning, so when are you going on the morning show? You could tell some great stories!

GiddyGirlie said...

I heard that too, just by chance and for whatever reason the name just hit me funny and I couldn't stop laughing... ha ha ha... "dinah cancer" ha ha ha :)

Jenny Lens said...

Very cool to talk to Dinah and Dickey Barrett on the radio today. I said it was "great they finally had a woman on, but Indie really under-represents us." Dinah said she joined the men by singing, but I said "us women did everything the men did and often BETTER."

Dickey wondered if Middle Class were the first hard core band. Dinah indicated they could be considered the first Orange County hard core band.

I said "most people say the Bags were the first hard core band because of Alice's onstage presence. "Hard core started in and LA Rules! then spread down to the South Bay and east to Orange County" [oops, OC is also south, but I let it go.]

She spoke about Alice, Becky and she being female singers. I said "in addition, the GREAT Diane from the Alley Cats and Exene." A caller later thanked his guest for mentioning Alley Cats. I'm not his guest yet!

Dickey was really disappointed I admitted I never saw 45 Grave. He told me to "learn to lie." Ah, Dickey, I was hangin' out with, not just shootin', the Clash, Boomtown Rats, Sham 69, rockabilly, ska, roots, punk, goin' to parties and lots of LA shows, and there was thing called men and drugs (lots of both)!

As Paul from the Screamers told me after I shared that comment, I have nothing to lie about. I also was in the darkroom. People forget it took time and work to take, process, print and mail photos around the world all the time for NO MONEY.

Having said that, darn it, I wish I caught her band!!! She is SO COOL!! Her tatt is a "feminine" version of her band logo. She was on for nearly the WHOLE time.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce's sister Jackie called, as did others, friends and from various bands, including hers.

When do you suppose the guys at Indie will "get" what we women did in LA and for punk? Why dismiss me cos I missed a band here and there?

Paul was at the Germs filming today. Pat Smear invited him and I gave him the production contact info so he wouldn't show up without being on the guest list.

I'm joing them Wednesday, July 20. Dig this: they are recreating the Whiskey, shooting the Germs, on my birthday! 27 years ago I shot the Screamers at the Roxy, including Paul, on my birthday while hallucinating on mushrooms and still don't know how I focused. The day after shooting the Rolling Stones in Houston. Sorry, these thoughts are not meant to be about me.

It's about what we started and how life truly is circular. We changed the world. I hear it every day -- people love punk. Imagine a film about the Germs, with the Screamers, X, Canterbury residents, the whole nine yards. Wait, I'm not in the movie! Which is why I'm doing my own movie.

Thank you Dinah and Alice for still being part of this vital community!!! LA Women in Punk Rule!!
jen ;-)

Anonymous said...

that was a good show yesterday.
Congrats Dinah for being on dickey's show...

Ok, alice when are you going to be on????