Friday, July 01, 2005

Mumps CD Release Party

June 30th is the last day of the academic school year. Although classes for students are over on different days, the contract year ends on the 30th. A new school year begins on July 1st. What that means to many teachers is that on June 30th you must pack up your things and put them away, or if you're like me and are leaving the school, you must pack everything up and take it home. After twenty years of teaching, packing up is no small task. I spent all day sorting through things, throwing away lesson plans that I'd developed over the years, keeping only the most essential things. It was difficult physically as well as emotionally.

In the evening, my good friend Kristian Hoffman held a record release party for The Mumps new CD anthology, "How I Saved the World". The Mumps were a very early punk band that boasted well crafted songs and the charismatic Lance Loud on vocals. Because the CD has been released after Lance's death, Kristian asked various L.A. musicians to guest star on vocal duties, including me. I turned down the opportunity because I expected to be moving out of my classroom and into my new condo on the 30th. Unfortunately, due to extremely inept flooring installation, courtesy of Ikea, we are about a week and a half behind schedule and cannot move into our place yet. Anyway, that's a different story.

Let me get back to The Mumps release party. The band was absolutely brilliant. Kristian is not just a talented keyboardist/songwriter/singer; he is a witty and charming frontperson. He ushered his numerous guests up on the stage and they were all top-notch. Stand out performances for me were Lisa Jenio and Mink Stole.

I was sitting, lady-like, sipping on a Mandarin tonic when Kristian asked for volunteers to go up and play the cow bell. A young man went up and played and won a Mumps poster as a reward, but Kristian was not satisfied. "Another volunteer!" he demanded, so before I could stop myself I was up on the stage. I grabbed the cow bell and tried to walk on top of the tables while keeping a steady beat. HA!! Did you know that bar tables don't have 4 legs? The ones at Tangier have one center stand that would not support 150 pounds on platform shoes. So I fell.

Everyone gasped. Of course I'm made of rubber, so I got back up and tried to pretend that it was all part of a well rehearsed act. I got my Mumps poster and the chump award too!


Anonymous said...

Punk rock cowbell!

GiddyGirlie said...

ah, a clutzy gal after my own heart! ;-)

Oliver said...

Wish I could have been there.
Wonder if Kristian did "Before The Accident"!

Btw - the president of The Mumps fan club co-founded an amazing teenage NYC band called The Student Teachers. Check out the site for more info and some live video:

Jenny Lens said...

So sorry I missed the Mumps show but leave it to Alice to give the most detailed report. My photos are on the front and back of their new single, I think 6 inside the CD booklet, but I'm too broke to pay the admittance and reservation fees, so I partied elsewhere. Other witnesses said they saw you, but nothing about being made of rubber!!

When you were at the Mumps, I was at Gary Stewart's home and his front porch has no light. When leaving, I tripped on the step, twisted my right ankle inward and bruised my right elbow when I landed on my keyster (butt). Also made of rubber, cos it didn't stop me from enjoying the holiday nor more party going/art closings, dancing, standing, and swimming non-stop for the last 4 days!

What is it about us Punk Women? I always tell people we took risks, but you are so Zelda Fitzgerald, dancing on tables!

Alice and Greg and Sofia: enjoy your summer! Maybe you can take in some free shows at the Santa Monica Pier and hang with your friends on the westside. My doors are always open to you!

Alice Bag said...

Jenny is a nut, she has a rubber butt... Sorry, but you set yourself up for that one : )

I was more Buster Keaton than Zelda Fitzgerald.

darkside777 said...

yes, it was a buster keaton moment on the 30th!
you were awesome!
but then, I have the photos to prove it too...