Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Women In L.A. Punk - Part XVII - Gaby Berlin

Gaby Berlin's interview came about completely by word of mouth, which is very cool. Rover mentioned Gaby in her interview, Jenny remembered Gaby, Gaby somehow checked out the website and got in touch with me and I asked her to answer my questionnaire. She was kind enough to oblige. I like the way this series of interviews has turned into a kind of oral history of the early L.A. punk scene, told from the unique perspective of the women who were actually there. Gaby also photographed the early days of the L.A. punk scene. I've seen a couple of her photos and I'm hoping she gets around to sharing more of them with us.

Click on the thumbnail below to read Gaby's interview!

P.S. Thanks for giving Maddog some well deserved recognition, Gaby.


darkside777 said...

Great Interview with Gaby!

I look forward to seeing more of her photographs!

Jenny Lens said...
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Jenny Lens said...

For so long I thought about Gaby. I was so excited when I got an email from her! She was always so friendly and warm to me, so down to earth, so much fun at the Masque.

I totally forgot she took photos -- yet I have two shots of her outside the Masque with Jade, Zandra and others and you can see her camera in one shot. I have a couple of color slides with no camera around her neck. I forgot cos of what she said: she often had too much fun to shoot. That's why I didn't always shot at the Masque either! Party time!

When she mentioned her photos a few months back, I encouraged her to scan them. I told her they are important in our early punk history. I can't wait to see them!

Gaby sent a shot of X-8 and myself. It's just lovely -- me in an usually quiet reflective mood, X-8 with a punk mag covering most of face. His? Her? I don't know ANY of the Flipside crew. Unlike Gaby, they NEVER asked but quite often used my photos, or so people keep telling me. I never had money for any issues. So it goes.

Gaby vividly recalls Robbie "Posh Boy" Fields and I at the party after the Pistols. I never saw Robbie before that night, but recall he was so cute, with his Brit accent and sincere, funny pursuit of me. My flash wasn't working -- ohmygawd, I was in the front seat of her VW with Trudie on my lap on the way up to the SF show -- always wondered who drove that VW! My flash, for the first and only time, decided to die at the party. So why not party with Robbie? Gaby remembers him chasing me around and me giggling a lot. Oh yeah, that sounds right! She found a photo -- can't wait to see it.

Ha ha, you know what's weird? Some of the men I was with don't remember and tell me not to mention it on my site/blog/whatever, but it's great when my gal pals were witnesses! And I won't shut up -- it was part of my history!

Brendan was arguing with me recently (what else is new?) that Capt Beefheart at the Roxy had to be in 1979. I got free tickets for him (has to do with the above paragraph. I shot Beefheart too). I pulled up my date book, verifying it was January 1978, right after the last "official" nite of the Masque [according to Flipside, January 17].

To my surprise, I took my camera for repair the day before shooting the Ramones/Runaways party at the Santa Monica Pier Carousel on Jan 27, 1978 and picked it up the day after the show. My notes indicated I borrowed Gaby's camera! Neither of us remember that, but it reiterates what she said about us being trusting. I can't imagine ANY other photographer lending a camera to me!

I'm so glad we're in each other's lives again. How many people get to reconnect with friends from so long ago? Life is good.