Monday, February 20, 2006

Soledad - Luna Nova

While looking through some old cassette tapes in preparation for my next podcast, I came across a rehearsal tape of myself, Teresa Covarrubias and Gabriel Tenorio doing a song we co-wrote entitled "Soledad". I've been in several incarnations of bands with Teresa and at the time we were performing together as Goddess 13. One of our friends, a guitarist named Gabriel, had some ideas for his own songs and asked for our assistance in finishing them. Teresa and I added some lyrics, some melodies and harmonies and the finished song is what you hear below. Teresa and I share lead vocals and Gabriel plays guitar.

Teresa and Alice - Goddess 13

It happened that Plaza de la Raza was holding a songwriter's competition around this same time and we entered our new song in the contest, performing it live for the judges and we won! I used my portion of the prize money to purchase my very first electric guitar, a Fender Strat, which I played for many years and just handed down to my stepdaughter for her most recent birthday.

Like most of my songs, this one was not professionally recorded in a studio. It was taped - pretty much live - on a cassette recorder in Gabriel's living room. It's overmodulated in parts and low-fi but still listenable. I hope you enjoy it!

Soledad - Luna Nova
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Anonymous said...

Good morning and what a beautiful song to wake up to!! amazing


Linda said...

That's a great song. Are the three of you still playing together?

Gabriel Tenorio said...

What a great blast from the past.

I remember performing that collection of songs at LACE? downtown, and I believe it was the last live performance presented in that space before it officially vacated that site. We had drunk a fifth of Southern Comfort and had a blast. Those were exciting days when we worked on project after project, ie LasTres/Goddess13 and Cholita.

Best of luck to you Alice. I remember you graded one of my songs and gave me an "A" on the lyrics and a happyface.