Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Alice's Favorite Girls (Bagcast #2)/Hell Comes 2 My House

Bagcast #2 – 2/21/06

Alice’s Favorite Girls Part 1

LuluThe Boat That I Row
Neko CaseRunning Out Of Fools
Candi StatonI’d Rather Be An Old Man’s Sweetheart
Candypants (Lisa Jenio on lead vocals) – Mandelay
Nina SimoneI Don’t Want Him
Lysa FloresThe Damaged Ones
Dengue Fever (Chhom Nimol on lead vocals) – Hummingbird
Gloria TreviSr. Presidente
Sarita MontielA Media Luz
Maria McKeeMy Lonely Sad Eyes
Dresden Dolls (Amanda Palmer on lead vocals) – Half Jack
Sleater-KinneyAngry Inch

This set features some of my favorite female vocalists from different styles of music. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a big fan of female musicians. Don't get me wrong, I like the guys too, but it frustrates me that there are so many incredibly talented women out there who are not getting airplay when I turn on the radio. I think it should be at least 50/50, so I'm doing my bit with this podcast to rectify the situation.

Lulu and Sarita Montiel have been favorites of mine since childhood and I discovered their music through their movies, because in those days all my parents played on the radio were rancheras. I'm proud to call both Lysa Flores and Lisa Jenio my friends, but they are also great musicians and gifted songwriters. It's probably a safe bet that this is the first (but hopefully not last) time anyone will play Gloria Trevi and Dresden Dolls in the same set! I've admired Maria McKee's talent since her Lone Justice days and I once got a big thrill from her when she showed up at a Cholita show. Neko Case's voice always stands out but I especially love what she did with this Aretha song - now that takes guts! I could write for days about these ladies but I'll let their voices tell it like it is...I hope you enjoy listening to their songs as much as I do.

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I had a visit last week from another one of my favorite girls - Ms. Dinah Cancer, along with her band 45 Grave, who were in town on the first part of their 45 day tour of the U.S. If you don't know who Dinah Cancer is, you should check out my interview with her here. You can also check out 45 Grave's current tour dates on their page at At the show in Phoenix last Friday, I was able to convince Dinah to bring the entire band to spend the night at my new home. We sat up eating vegetarian chili and chatting until the early hours, they indulged my cooking aspirations by eating my green chili with eggs breakfast the next morning and were perfect house guests. Thanks for breaking in the new home, guys!

Here's a photo I snapped the next day as they were heading out to Tucson. And here's an mp3 of a classic 45 Grave single from my collection, Black Cross. Please go see them if they play in your town.


Anonymous said...

I love this set of songs! Thank you thank you it made my morning!


Rinjo Njori said...

I am only 3 songs in and already loving it.. If you can/ are allowed you should get this on iTunes as a podcast.

Alice Bag said...

Dear Rinjo,

I now have an RSS feed address:

It's been submitted to iTunes as well.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing some of your favorite music. You certainly do have eclectic taste but I like it. It's not often you get to hear such a broad spectrum of styles in one set. Thanks for giving props to Maria McKee, she is definitely one of the underappreciated artists of our generation.

dirtdog said...

Was that you at the Matsuri this weekend? My friend and I thought we saw you there. How are you liking Arizona? It's not so bad!

Hey Alice, keep playing us your songs, they are a good history lesson for us.

Dirt Dog

tescosuicide said...

I feel the same way, there are a ton of underated female vocals out there... I was just listening to Stanton-Miranda's version of Love Will Tear Us Apart -I love her vocals...

Alice Bag said...

Yes, that was me on Sunday at the festival. We had a great time, it seemed like more of "my type" of people were there. I never knew there were so many weirdos - I mean, interesting people! - in Phoenix. Thank god, now I feel at home. See you at First Friday??

Bika said...

Thanks for sharing such a lovely set of music. Its hard to find some of them. I'll listen them asap.