Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cholita and Las Tres

In the aftermath of last Saturday's Vexing performance, a few videos of that night's show appeared on YouTube, one of which I posted in my previous blog entry. But as I was checking YouTube for updates, I came across a couple of rare videos of two of the projects I was involved in during the early 1990's, Cholita and Las Tres.

If you went to the Vexing show, you might have read about some of the various bands I've been involved with over the past 30 years, including Castration Squad, Cambridge Apostles, Stay at Home Bomb and of course, Las Tres and Cholita. I've usually been drawn towards projects that are female based or in some way different and challenging to the status quo. Las Tres and Cholita both fit those criteria.

Cholita was more of a performance art project than a real band and this video for "No Controles" was shot at MacArthur Park (just a few blocks away from where Fertile LaToya Jackson and I were teaching elementary school!) Cholita was more conceptual at this point, and we lip-synced to Flans' hit single. Later, we performed our own version of this song as well as Cholita originals such as Chinga Tu Madre, Beans Are Not Enough and Size (Has Nothing To Do With Performance). The lineup in this video is Vaginal Davis as Graciela, Fertile LaToya Jackson as Guadalupe, Alice Bag as Sad Girl and Annette (I'm drawing a blank on her stage name.)

No Controles video courtesy of Quasi. Thank you Quasi! Now Ms. Davis can't get mad at me for posting this!

The second video is of Las Tres performing the song "Nuevo Amanecer" at what looks like a college campus, probably in the early 1990's, roughly at the same time as I was in Cholita. The two couldn't be more different, but they both challenged societal expectations. The lineup for Las Tres in this video is Angela Vogel, Teresa Covarrubias, me, Paul Perez and Daoud.

Nuevo Amanecer video courtesy of Young American Video, thank you for posting it!


Anonymous said...

wow..that Las Tres song IS beautiful..Is there a recording of it ??,demo or whatever??

Chris P

You girls were fearless and strong

Anonymous said...

the 3 of you, Angela, Teresa & yourself, Alice... Still have the most beautiful voices. It is like Angels singing here on earth.
Thanks for posting this!


Markus said...

Good Job! :)