Friday, May 30, 2008

Women In L.A. Punk Part XXVI - Hudley Flipside

Hudley Flipside's interview came about completely by chance. My husband happened to notice a message on the Masque MySpace page that seemed to be directed to me. I should clarify that I have nothing to do with the MySpace Masque page. I conduct these interviews with women who were involved in the early LA Punk scene for my own website, but I haven't been in contact with most of the interview subjects in over 25 years and I don't usually try to track people down for interviews. They typically happen by chance, just like this one.

Hudley Flipside

Hudley's interview also differs from the norm in that she chose to completely disregard the question and answer format I sent to her. That's great, because I encourage all of my interview subjects to go off topic and write at length and Hudley took me at my word. Her expressed desire for total freedom is as close to the essence of what punk meant for many of us in the early L.A. scene.

Click on the Women In Punk thumbnail to read the interview with Hudley Flipside.


Jenny Lens said...

Great fun to see a shot of my mentor and close pal, Glen E. Friedman. I sent him the link. He was pleased to see a shot of himself smiling with Hudley. Thanks for yet another great interview!

Matt "Max" Van said...

Thank you for this. I know that Flipside was supposedly a great Document, and that I should thank Al, Pooch and X8 for it, but really, I never bothered with it until I read some of Hudley's musings, and quite reading it very shortly after she left. Her photos, and positive outlook really was the reason for me ever to bother with that magazine. Maybe others might not see it my way, but for me, anyway, Hudley really was pivotal in the Los Angeles scene, especially as it crept into the eighties. By 1985, she was one of very few truly bright lights around.