Monday, February 07, 2011

Violence Girl Action

Hello dear readers,

With the upcoming release of my autobiogrpahy on Feral House this Fall, I've shifted my blogging activity back to Violence Girl. I'll be much more actively posting there for now, so please check it out.

To get started, I've just posted an open Valentine to some of my favorite bad ass girls.



Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a freshman at Seattle University; I didn't know you were on campus as a guest speaker, so when I saw a woman who looked uncannily like Alice Bag at the salad bar, I didn't want to say anything.

If I had, it might have been something about how I considered writing my admissions essay about you. I used to read this blog when I was about 13, back when I didn't know the world existed, and a little after I fell in love with the Germs' catalog. It was only then that I started thinking about environmentalism, the detainee system, immigration...even theological issues, if I'm correctly recalling a post about Catholic school? Anyway, seeing you today (in a non-creepy way) sort of rejuvenated me, by reminding me of this blog, punk rock, and why I wanted to be educated in the first place.


Alice Bag said...


Thank you so much for writing. It is comments like yours that make what I do so rewarding. Maybe I didn't make it to your admissions essay but maybe I'll get a mention in your dissertation ; )

I wish you had come up to me, I would have been very happy to meet you but I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I look forward to meeting you in the future.