Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hollywood Has Been Bombed...On To San Diego

Stay At Home Bomb played a fast and furious set last night at the Knitting Factory, opening for Girlschool. Lysa Flores (lead guitar and vocals) had seriously injured her back earlier in the week and was not even able to stand up at one point, so we were more than a little worried. After soundcheck and before the show, we all walked down to Hooters to "get some food" and on our way back to the club we had to help Lysa hobble quickly across Hollywood Blvd before the light changed.

We love playing all ages shows because you don't typically get many stage climbers at 21 and over gigs. To the kid who got pulled off the stage: Sorry if you got hurt, whoever you are! Don't you know it's against the rules to climb onstage?

Got to sleep at 2 am after the show, had a conference with my daughter's school principal this morning at 8 am, then I drive to San Diego for our show tonight at the Casbah.

Gotta run now.


maddogg said...

Stay at Home Bomb review: November 17th knitting factory Hollywood Ca.

I was eagerly anticipating this show featuring E.L.A. punk luminaries in a fairly new project called “stay at home bomb” the band features a member (Alice AKA Alice Bag) of one of the most infamous of punk groups (THE BAGS) from the halcyon days of the Masque run by brenden mullen in the mid to late seventies in a run down basement off Hollywood blvd. http:// could go on and on but that is another story from another time.
Fast forward some twenty years or so and Alice along with some fine players including multi-talented Lisa Flores on guitar, Sharon Needles on bass from I believe (THE CREAMERS,BUTT TRUMPET AND BETTY BLOWTORCH) and Judy Molish AN AMAZING DRUMMER and you have the lovable huggable ”STAY AT HOME BOMB”
So it was off to the KNITTING FACTORY to catch the THE 80’S UK METEL GODESSES “GIRLSCHOOL” AND STAY AT HOME BOMB ALONG WITH OPENERS BLAIR BITCH PROJECT. I came to the show solo and was going to meet up with a couple friends from the south bay . I arrived a little early and right off the bat things are a little funky with a light mix of eighties metal heads , punks and a few brits milling about in the smoking lounge (front entrance).I notice MAX HIRAX FROM 1980 ‘S METEL OUTFIT HIRAX. He looked great but oddly out of place dressed in denim and studded belts with a tight little fro. I smoked my ciggy and was feeling lonely so it was time to head inside for some Bass Ale to calm my soul . I’d never been to the knitting factory and it was surprisingly small for what I believed would be a show with a larger draw. the club was near empty and I discovered upstairs had nice view and a table over looking the stage so it was time to get comfy with me ale. I glanced around at the riverside meth crew below with their caps turned back and stale iron maiden tour shirts, the near fifty geezer playing air guitar to Judas priest that was blaring nicely in my ear through a decent sounding p.a. things were already getting amusing! Ahhhh! another ale please! Promptly delivered by a perky waitress with a nice smile. I had a few minutes before “THE BITCH PROJECT” was going on so I ran down to have a smoke in the lounge and I ran into a couple characters that came up to check out the Jeff Buckley trio who were playing in a separate part of the venue, and turned out I loosely knew one of the beachy looking dudes who played in a righteous little hardcore band from Hermosa beach called the FISHSTICKS (black flag bars) a band that was famous for getting through their set in less than ten minutes! we went are separate ways and I ran back up to my spot to check out the bands.
My friends arrived just before Blair bitch hit the stage and all was well.
The openers were competent players but over all very boring. the songs were drawn out and quite a yawn. another drink please!!! I bid the blair bitch project no ill will but they need some work in the hook department.
Finally the band I came to see was about to come on. I had time for a lounge run so off I went. to my utter astonishment something horrible had happened moments before, turns out my boys from Hermosa got out of control and one of them decided to do a back flip off the railing( about for feet off the ground) in the lounge area. I was sickened by what I saw, the flipper was in a state of near innocuousness and everybody who witnessed the event was in shock . Blood was streaming from a gash on his forehead and he needed some medical attention a.s.a.p. the paramedics arrived soon there after and hauled him off. I prayed he was ok. I was saddened that good times end so tragically sometimes. Alcohol +stupidity =tragedy. Bummer.
My mood quickly changed when SAHB hit the stage. From start to finish Alice and co delivered the goods and then some. every song was catchy and upbeat . they were dressed up like happy little homemakers with aprons on. it was very tongue in cheek. Sharon needles bass sound was way up front and she just wailed on the thing, Lisa and Alice exchanged lead vocals perfectly and carried it all off with style and finesse. I seriously got the chills when Alice started shaking and jumping around dancing to the beat, it reminded me of the decline movie from years past. The Music had a distinct “Dangerhouse” vibe to it. Shit! I was flat out impressed over all. not many bands these days can replicate a sound that really gets the ole mojo working the way SAHB does and I really cant wait to see what the future holds for these riotous girls from east L.A.
As for girlschool hummmm, two songs were enough for me. they had a full sound over all but I just was not going to taint my evening sitting through the whole set. I saw filthy Phil from Motorhead who seemed really out of place and very haggard looking which was cool but enough was enough and I was out of there. Said my goodbyes and picked up the sahb demo then briefly bumped into Alice I told her they were great and let her know I helped a little web group. She was talking to a little groupie so I could not really get a word in. it was awkward,she thought I was trying to hug her and whispered in my ear she was all messy and sweaty. Maybe it was my smoky stench that scared her off lol ! Whatever…this is my first review so never mind all the grammer errors and what not.
Cheerio -chriso

Alice Bag said...

Thank you for the nice review. I'm sorry about the awkward moment. I get all gross and sweaty after we play.

I was wondering how your friend from Hermosa Beach is doing. It sounds like he was seriously injured.

maddogg said...

I tried to reach him to see if he was alright.i hope the little nut is o.k. -chriso

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. I was at that show with my best friend Nov 04 in LA. We were there to see Girlschool. Your band was the most exciting thing we had seen in three years. We were floored by the humor, energy, and of course the music!! I (we) stopped you after just to say how great it was. I had no idea of your long musical career(which one of your friends scoffed at much to my amusement)

You were so sweet. Later you were gonna GIVE me a poster but we had already bought two! Besides you shouldn't have, you wouldn't let the other girls give them away. The poster looks great in my office!

but now i'm so bummed that the band is no more... I ready the LAWeekly often but never saw and shows. I know why... Now who am I supposed to go see???

Please post some MP3s will you?
Bless you.


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