Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Women In L.A. Punk

I am VERY pleased and excited to announce that we have just opened a new section at www.alicebag.com, dedicated to the women who were involved in the early L.A. punk scene. One of the goals of this website is to expose the important and too-often overlooked contributions of female artists in the late seventies punk movement. The Women In L.A. Punk section aims to address that by allowing interviewees to share their recollections and opinions in an unrestricted forum. The format is eight questions and responses- no time or space limitations, no editing of content.

I had the good fortune to have as my first interview Ms. Jenny Lens, the legendary punk photographer who shot some of the most iconic images of Patti Smith, The Ramones, The Screamers and so many others. I've considered Jenny a friend for well over twenty years now and believe me when I say that the stories she shares in her interview are not even the tip of the iceberg.



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MFX said...

Glad you did a section for you LA Punk Rock goddesses and Queens. You Alice, have always been at the top. We had many great woman in LA's history of the "scene". Remember when that was bad to say?
You still have not received the credit that you should have along with many other woman of the LA Punk Rock good old days. From music to fashion, It still is felt to this day. You all helped change the planet in so many ways. We didn't know what would come out of it all, but the impact was made.
I hope to see more comments and post from certain woman out here, about then and now. It would be nice just to now some are still around. Hey De De triot, I lost your number a few years ago. And when can I get my The Brat 1/2 12" album signed? I have it still in mint condition. And go to Artifix and buy the BAgs!