Friday, April 01, 2005

Pleasant Gehman - Women In L.A. Punk Part VII

I can hardly believe that I'm up to interview number seven in my series of email chats with influential and overlooked women in the L.A. punk scene. It's so exciting for me to look at the growing list of past interviews and realize that it is actually happening. It's a dream come true for me and I am extremely grateful for the participation of the women who've been interviewed thus far. I can't thank them enough.

Pleasant Gehman
Artwork by Zeroxed, from an original photo by Lynda Burdick

For people with more than a passing knowledge of the early L.A. punk scene, Pleasant Gehman almost needs no introduction. She was there at the beginning and was involved on an incredible number of levels, as you will see when you read Pleasant's interview. You just might be inspired to "live your own life"...or to get drunk and make out with your friends in the ladies room. You'll just have to read the interview to find out what that means! Click on the thumbnail below to go there now.

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