Friday, April 15, 2005

Women In L.A. Punk Part VIII - Nicole Panter

For as long as I've known Nicole Panter, I've admired her intelligence, honesty and directness. In fact, I think she values those qualities as much as I do. She has always been one to speak her mind freely and you always knew just where you stood with her. This boldness must have served her well in her role as manager of the Germs. "Managing the Germs" almost strikes me as a contradiction in terms, but she did it. But the Germs are not where her story begins or ends. Nicole is also a respected author, college professor, feminist and political activist. Check out her personal website at for some examples of her work and more information on this talented woman. Or click on the thumbnail below to read her interview.


abe said...

Hi Alice,
Awesome stuff as always, thanks so much for hooking these interviews up. It's nice to read these stories with the perspective of an adult, rather than an angry teenager. "Punk Rock... that's stupid" what ever happened to that guy.

Jenny Lens said...

Interesting you relate stories of the man I too know who claimed to have been involved in LA punk when we who were there never saw him, plus as you said, is too young. He snubs us who know the truth, and caused a lot of damage by perpetuating his lies. And that publisher and I just crossed paths recently and it was damning to say the least . . . interesting how certain people go out of their way to burn their bridges with those of us who actually CREATED this scene. Although, as you, Nicole correctly stated, they can't stop us cos we have our verified history BUT ONLY if we assert ourselves.

The scenster who put on the art show caused more damage than is widely known. They spread myths and rumors that detract from the scene and our contributions. Instead of sharing the fact that photographers willingly helped them both (at a financial cost re the art show), they spread nasty rumors and won't respond to inquiries from people trying to find us to work on other projects. Pathetic since we helped the younger one get the only credibility he ever had. Of course, no one can stop us!

But I must disagree about Maria Raha's book. I wrote to her because the dates, events, etc are so wrong, even contradict info in "Neutron Bomb" that she used for more quotes from the LA scene than talking to us. She had access to me as she licensed two of my photos. I would have gladly provided the accurate information and names and contacts of other women to interview.

I found the book overly simplistic and offered nothing I haven't read elsewhere, in regards to the NY, SF, and LA scene in the 1970's. You are the only woman from LA she interviewed and I found that incredibly insulting as there are, as we've read on Alice's site, so many women who could/would have offered some needed insights and substantiated facts.

But instead of just complaining, I'm doing my best to share those stories, with my website and upcoming photo shows. I've been offered one woman shows, but at my insistence, others, including men, will be showcased, and not just photos.

I can't rely on outsiders who weren't there and who don't ask us for the inside dope to report on us. So on one hand I'm glad Maria published a book on this topic, but there's so much more to share. All to inspire women and men to do their own thing. And to correctly document our legacy.

Which of course you have done and it's always GREAT to read whatever you have to say. Thanks for sharing your insights and memories.

Take care and the best to you!
jenny lens

Alice Bag said...

Hey Abe, here's what happened to that "Punk Rock...that's stupid!" guy...he turned folkie!


Kat Jetson said...


Once again, many thanks for these Women In LA Punk interviews. They're all so unique and fun, fun, fun to read. These women really have a way with words that helps paint a truthful and entertaining picture.

Hope to see you soon.


Hershel Fuentez said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!