Thursday, April 28, 2005

Women In L.A. Punk Part IX - Theresa Kereakes

Theresa Kereakes is yet another person I've met (or reconnected with) through Jenny Lens. Like Jenny, she is a photographer and was around to witness and document the birth of the mid-seventies punk movement. She says that she first grabbed her camera to prove to her doubting friends that she had actually been to the rock shows she was always talking about. Thirty years later, she's begun publishing her "photographic evidence" on the web, along with her humorous and insightful memories. Aside from her invaluable documentation, she was kind of a punk rock den mother to some of the scene's most creative personalities.

Theresa's blog is at Be sure to check it out on a regular basis for her great stories and photos, or click on the thumbnail below to read her interview.


motomama said...

Another great interview. What kills me is the many times Theresa has had to "prove" her punk credibility! What did/do people expect - a punk rock identity card? A laminated, state issued card listing the shows she went to, the people she knew/knows, and the photographs she's taken? I'm so glad you're setting the record straight on all of these important women, Alice.

Anonymous said...

i think you should leave Teresa alone. You try anwsering those questons you wanker!
Teresa i wish i had met you, you are great. Great interview...