Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"I Remember The Women Being The Strong Ones"

From time to time, I get emails giving me feedback on my website, www.alicebag.com. One of the best things about doing my website has been establishing connections with old friends, not just for myself, but between people who haven't seen each other in years. I'd like to take this opportunity to once again thank Ms. Jenny Lens, whose energy, passion and incredible memory have made many of these online and in-person reunions possible.

I have to share an excerpt from a recent email I received from Gaby Gomez, who was around in the early days of L.A. punk but who I didn't know very well at the time. She writes:

"Hi Alice, I just got in touch with Rover again thru a “happy accident” and she directed me to your website... I wanted to thank you for publicizing all the very strong women who made up the scene back then. I feel it was very much a scene of women, at least I remember the women as being the strong ones.

I remember one time when Rover and I lived at the masque, and Lee Ving was spray painting on the wall out in the alley. I think someone came down the stairs and said something, because Ro and I went running up the stairs to see. Well, there he was. And Rover just called up that big loud mean voice of hers and said (Something like) “What the hell do you think you are doing?” And Lee Ving turned around, looked around at us, And Ran Away! We just laughed and laughed. That was one of my favorite remembrances of Rover, this little tiny sprite, chasing away the big bad punk rocker. It still makes me laugh every time."

Thanks for allowing me to share this memory, Gaby! And thanks also to those of you who take the time to write to me. I can't always respond to your comments and/or inquiries in a timely manner, but I read all of your comments and emails and appreciate the feedback. Someone asked about adding a bulletin board or a forum to the website. I'll consider it. Monitoring comments for accuracy and subject matter is time consuming and I don't know that I have the time for it. For now you'll have to continue to comment on the blog if you want others to respond or write directly to me at alice@alicebag.com.

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Jenny Lens said...

Alice and Greg, thank you for all you do and for always giving credit where credit is due. In telling our punk history, many who were there and many more who weren't even there arrogantly refuse to consider or share our input. But of course one of the many reasons we love Alice (and now Greg) is because of your integrity.

I've wanted to reconnect w/Gaby for years. I can vividly summon her up in front of the Masque. It helps I took a couple of shots of her, Jade (also interviewed), Jade's sister Zandra, Desiree and others sitting/standing by the Masque door. But what I will never forget is her warm, kind smile, her down-to-earth attitude, in a time that I felt so alone and alienated. She always made me feel welcomed to the Masque. And she is SO funny! People don't realize LA punk attracted a lot of fun, funny, smart people!

A few people cross our paths who make indelible impressions upon us. What a treat to find them alive and well!

Back to work. Finally offering my pix for sale at jennylens.net/merch, and tons more to post. My work has only just begun. But we can't let our history, stories, photos, music, etc be lost or worse, stolen by those who would profit from what we created.

Thank you Alice and Greg for working so hard on this! It truly is a labor of love and sacrifices to make the time: what we do for love.

jen ;-)