Saturday, September 03, 2005

Thank You - A Night To Remember

Castration Squad reunited for the first time in 25 years last night and it was quite an evening. Thank you to Lisafer for sitting in on drums. Thanks also to Tracy, Tiffany and of course, Dinah for making it happen. Major thanks go out to Joseph Brooks, who organized and promoted the show and gave us the push we needed. Last but not least, thanks to Billy at Sound Arena rehearsal studios in Hollywood for being so flexible with us. He worked around our schedules, which, unlike most rock bands, include full-time jobs, child care and spouses to consider. He made it easy for us to squeeze in the few rehearsals we actually managed to have before the show! Just like the old Castration Squad, we did it on a wing and a prayer.

Tracy and Mary Bat-Thing. Photo by Greg & Kim McWhorter.

And thanks to all of the punk fans who bought merch at our table before and after the show, we were able to raise hundreds of dollars for the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund.

I'd been putting off a visit to the dentist up until this show, knowing what was in store for me. The pain in my mouth had gone from annoying to excruciating and finally became unbearable. I had a fractured molar, all the way down to the root! Oh, and a little abscess too. I got it all cut out this afternoon and now I have a nice, bloody gap when I smile real wide...just in time for the "old-timers" photo shoot tomorrow.

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Christian Moya said...

I wish I could have gone; found out about it 1 day to late. One of my friends mentioned some kind of reunion, but what was it? We knew that, unfortunately, half of the Alice Bag Band was in a post mortal state of being. It's wierd to be online researching my aunt. I only wished that all these young psuedo punkers of the 21st century, knew how significant she was to the movement on the West Coast. I know she's still a Punk legend, and every once in a while I hear people talk about her, and when they realize she's my aunt, they bug me to meet her. I'd say perhaps a good dozen over some years. I thank my Grandma for saving all her stuff, and I know there's more. This is a significant piece of Rock history. God bless you...
Your God-son, X-ian Moya.