Saturday, October 01, 2005

Rik L. Rik

I just came across a proof sheet from a roll of photos taken a few years ago at a punk reunion in L.A. and I thought I'd share this one with you. Rik L. Rik, for those of you who don't know, was one of those kids who was around in the earliest days of the L.A. punk scene with his band F-Word, who played at the Masque on a regular basis. I'm sure that members of F-Word were in the audience at the "Trashing of the Troubadour" Bags show and someone told me that they were literally hanging from the rafters of the balcony. F-Word was one of the more aggressive punk bands and they got along well with the Bags. I had some rare video footage of them at the Masque in my archives, but had to take it down because the copyright owners did not want it posted. Too bad.

He later sang with other bands, including Negative Trend and recorded under his own name for Posh Boy Records. He was one of the most charismatic lead singers and there's little doubt that, given the right circumstances, he had the talent, looks and ability to become a big star.

Unfortunately, Rik passed away in 2000, less than a year after this photo was taken. He had not yet turned 40. Another friend who left us too soon.


substitute said...

I didn't know he'd died. I really liked the solo Rik L. Rik material on Posh Boy; he had his own sound. Wish he'd made it further, because like you say he could have made a bigger splash.

Jenny Lens said...
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Anonymous said...

Rik was a very close friend of mine. I actually put together 2 of the last F-WORD shows ever, 1 at the whisky with the Gears, Skull Control and Bikey (Holly & The Italians!). And the 2nd one down at Bogarts (I actually have it all on video!& Track 16 too!) which was amazing! Rik was starting get some recognition from alot of younger kids (13-18 year olds!!) and DIM wanted to play shows again so RIK, DIM and Dutch reformed F-WORD and the rest was history.

As for Rik's passing? All I can say is that LA/OC scene lost a true original,and will NEVER be the same now that he is gone. He was very talented, with tons of karizma. He was the nicest guy on (all) levels with a quick wit/sense of humor that set him above most of his peers!!!! And he was always open and sincere. Even when he was busy/ and sick!, he always made time for his friends!!!

God Bless you Rik L Rik.......

Your friend,

Steven Rascoe

Jenny Lens said...
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Jenny Lens said...

[Steven Rascoe is NOT associated with me!]

I photographed F-Word at the Masque at Posh Boy's urging (and later at the Masque Benefit). Sadly, I never hung with Rik, but I was so busy shooting, developing/printing and sending off to mags, I didn't have much time to hang out.

It really horrifies and saddens me that someone made you take down the live footage. What are they gonna do with it? They think they are gonna make a lot of money off of it?

You are opening a market for them. They could license the footage in a variety of ways, but higher res. People are so fucked about sharing this. That's why I'm working so hard to get my pix out there.

It's the hardest thing to do: allow access to one's work without being ripped off. But I don't bite the hands that feed me. I am so blessed that Alice and Greg welcome my input, photos, etc. Anything to raise awareness of what we all created!

Many documentaries are in the pipeline for early punk, particularly LA punk. How can people find this footage to license for the big screen and/or DVDs if they don't allow low res snips online? And you think there's a huge demand for that footage? Ha, you have to create the demand -- esp when there's so much other footage available that's not been seen outside a small circle of friends and collectors.

I last saw Rik at the Forming punk rock art show at Track 16 (my photos were on exhibit). He was so ill, but wanted to badly to be there and to survive. Yeah, I bet Rik would literally turn over in his grave if he knew this. That's not what he was about.

Sure, I am antagonizing whomever has that footage, and maybe they have something else I might want should my doc get off the ground. I don't need them. I won't work with anyone with that kind of attitude. Fuck them. But praise Rik! said...

Somewhere, ages ago, I read about Rik's passing, and after finding this site this memory came a-flooding back:
I was about 15 years old and a drama geek at Covina High School. Somehow, (I'm fuzzy, but I think Ian MacDonnell may have had a hand in it) Rik dropped into our drama class and performed a couple of his poems for the class and POW!
What an impression he made on me. I thought he was the most fantastic piece of kit I had ever seen.
I seem to remember that he had a single out on Covina High Records. That was impressive as well.
I wish I had been old enough to venture out into the clubs in those days. As it happened, I only made it out to the Golden Bear once and saw The Lenny White Band. Pretty exciting stuff for an under-ager like me.
I later moved to Seattle where I cut my teeth on a healthy music scene, and will always always see X when they come through. They are like a musical anchor for me and what I'm sure would have been an exciting life of musical fun had I stayed in L.A..
Thanks for the picture of Rik.

Anonymous said...

I'm tremendously mad that you couldn't post that footage, I would have loooooooooved to see that.

Rik L Rik and F-Word are great, and it's very very sad that he's gone now. RIP

Anonymous said...

psst... go here:
and look around but don't tell nobody...

elizabeth said...

Rik was an amazing poet and author. love you always, Elerick.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's been awhile since anyone posted.. But I found a really great EP on iTunes by Garbage Hearts, which Rik was a part of! It's really great stuff, which also features Rikk Agnew of the Adolescents! I was browsing around and found Posh Boy released Rik's 'Lost Album' digitally, but with a ton of demos, unreleased songs.. Of course songs like 'The Outback', 'Teenage Destiny' are on it as well. 'The Lost Album' was released in '91? I think, but only in LP format and I've yet to come across a copy. Anyway, I really enjoy the blog and am very grateful for everyone who keeps this music alive (especially for the people who weren't around.. or even born! 1986 for me).


Norm said...

I was out with my gay friend Tom. He even commented on the looks of Rik L. Rik. I think we were at Madame Wongs or Club 88, but no one knew where they were most of the time back then. I mustered my best manners and approached Rik L. Rik and asked him for an autograph. I'm 6'5" so initially he wasn't sure what was going on. I told him i had the white vinyl single of "Meathouse." He said, OK do you have any paper? And Tom had a small piece of paper. Rik put the paper on my back and wrote "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men." It wasn't Christmas, either. Loved your shows too Alice.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the blog entry.

Thanks also go to Brian and his generous comments on the digitally re-issued "Lost Album", 10 years in the making.

After Rik passed away numerous people claimed they had physical possession of unreleased Rik recordings. With the notable exception of Eric Ambel, nobody sent me anything. The Garbage Hearts had actually gone ahead and released their L Rik material and very kindly allowed me to cherry pick and edit a remarkable song entitled "Unfree".

So who was it that objected to the video you posted? Are you sure they are an actual rights owner and not one of the parasitical Rik relic hoarders?

Robbie Fields
Posh Boy Music
Covina High Music

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