Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Unladylike Behavior - Bagcast #3

Bagcast #3 – 3/1/06

Unladylike Behavior

Bessie SmithI Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl
Aretha FranklinIt Won't Be Long
Candye Kane Masturbation Blues
Loretta LynnFist City
Koko TaylorWang Dang Doodle
Patti SmithPissing In A River
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks (Lydia Lunch)Orphans
X Ray SpexOh Bondage, Up Yours!
The SlitsShoplifting
PenetrationDon't Dictate
L7Off The Wagon
The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black Water Coffin
Punkoustica - Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice
Peaches - Shake Yer Dix

Some of my favorite females speak their minds in unconventional ways. From Bessie Smith to Peaches, I run the gamut of some of my musically outspoken sisters. I hope you enjoy it!

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JD said...

This is great - I saw you play a show with Peaches a couple of years ago and it rocked! When are you playing again?

Anonymous said...

great to hear some Bessie,Patti, slits..joined you for the sipping on wine and by the time Punkoustica came on ,I went nuts..fuckin' raw energy there on Modern day Virgin...yes this world is greedy and misleading and all girls and boyz need encouragment to make their own styles and follow their own Alice who rocks hard!!


sid said...

Your podcasts are great! This installment was a trip to listen to — I didn't have any wine, but Guinness was happily present.
Great blog and site, too. Just found you and am catching up on the archives. Love the nostalgia but also highly dig your thoughts on the world now.
Please keep it coming.
Stay happy.

Anonymous said...

babe, you are SO high tech! thanks for the itunes subscription link!

Alice Bag said...

My husband deserves the credit. Thank you Greg!

Anonymous said...

thanks Greg!


Anonymous said...


do you have any photos to post of you and lydia lunch??

Anonymous said...

More Punkoustica please!