Thursday, June 29, 2006

Don't Knock The Rock - 2006

I'm a little late posting on this event, since it opened in L.A. tonight. The event was kicked off with a performance by the Gun Club, with Kid, Ward, and Terry hosting various guest vocalists to fill in for the late Jeffrey Lee. If you're not in your pajamas yet, you might still catch them.

The Don't Knock The Rock festival is curated by Allison Anders and Tiffany Anders and this year features several of the women I've interviewed for my Women In L.A. Punk series: Jenny Lens, Dawn Wirth, Theresa Kereakes, Tracy Lea and Allison Anders herself.

Tracy Lea takes her star turn when the festival screens Dave Markey's "Lovedoll Superstar" on Monday, July 3rd at 12 noon. Immediately afterwards, check out a panel discussion and photo show with Jenny Lens, Dawn Wirth and Theresa Kereakes from 2:30 - 3:30pm, moderated by Michael Des Barres and Allison Anders. All events take place at Red Cat Theatre in Downtown L.A. Don't miss this opportunity to meet and experience the work of these talented women. An exhibition of their photos is on display now through the end of the festival.

Wish I could be there!


darkside777 said...

yes, you should be here Alice....

Jenny Lens said...

You were well-represented as we showed photos of you and your name invoked many times during the panel. The panel discussion was a nice and intimate. You are in our hearts.

Gun Club was GREAT!!

And Dawn's brownies are amazing! Ohmygawd, she should market them! No, I'd gain back all that weight, they are soooo addictive. Yummmmy!! She kept telling me you freeze them, and take out one at a time and microwave them. I kept saying they wouldn't last that long. She didn't understand and said but that's what Alice does.

I ate the whole pan in one day. That's me, oh they were soooo good. Fudgy and moist, great texture. It's been easy for me to give up brownies cos none taste like hers!