Tuesday, May 03, 2005

No, I'm Not Asleep At The Wheel

No new posting lately because I'm caught up in all kinds of drama involved with moving. We're looking for a new home and between work, house-hunting and daily life I haven't had time to post a new blog entry.

Yes, I went to see Gloria Trevi recently and she was AMAZING! Better than I had even hoped for. Suffice it to say that she had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand. I also saw a great movie last week called Kung Fu Hustle which I HIGHLY recommend. I absolutely loved it.

The website is due for some updating and my webmaster tells me we have a lot of new "old" photos and videos to post; I will announce them here so don't worry about missing them. Also coming up in the weeks ahead: Women In L.A. punk interviews with Trudie, Kari Krome, Dawn Wirth and possibly Penelope Houston (c'mon Penelope!). Right now, we're featuring an interview with Theresa Kereakes. Check it out!

Theresa Kereakes

Stay tuned and I will write more soon...zzzzzzzzzzz


anthony said...

kung fu hassle rocks! hehehe.. i like! ei, got some really punky thing going on here.. i like! other entries.. i like!

Visit my site some time.. i like!
- anthony.i.ph


Anonymous said...

Trudie Trudie! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeh and what about hellin? Is she still around?

Anonymous said...

What about Mad Dog Carla?

XO - Sharon

Anonymous said...

what is Trudie doing now>?

darbysmear said...

hellin lives in torrance. married to paul roessler (ex nervous gender,screamer, twisted roots 45grave, nina hagen alumni) speaking of women in punk rock i think his sister kira would be a great interview. i lust kira

Anonymous said...

with sexual hass. in the workplace and in schools, what would you tell your children to do, if this happened to them?

thanks for everything you do.

Anonymous said...

Paul Roessler has released some great, underrated stuff. Love his Twisted Roots songs.

Alice Bag said...

Will the anonymous poster who asked about sexual harrassment please email me at alice@alicebag.com so I can answer your question?