Thursday, May 19, 2005

Happy Birthday, Joey

There's nothing I can say about the influence of Joey and the Ramones that hasn't been said a million times already. Instead, on the occasion of Joey's birthday, I thought I'd share a spoken word piece by a group called Too Much Girl. What could be better than sharing a piece of lemon meringue pie with Joey Ramone?

The Joey Episode

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Anonymous said...

as i was watching American Idol, because I needed a laugh. I hear a cinglar commerical and THE RAMONES is palying in the background.
who's next? the sex pistols or the clash?
or do those wifes just need more cash?

Anonymous said...


Karl said...

I've heard several commercials which feature Ramones music. In the past, it would have seemed like crass commercialism, but it has become something of a status symbol to be in a TV commercial. It's been that way in Japan for years. They also play the "Hey Ho Let's Go" chant over the P.A. at Yankee stadium during baseball games. The Ramones are gone, but their music will go on forever.