Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

We're getting ready to move into a new home, so we have to get rid of some things that I've had packed away for years in the garage and underneath the house. One of the boxes we came across today while putting things out for a yard sale contained more rare stuff from the early punk days in L.A. Once again, my mother had saved these things from the trash can (unbeknownst to me) and stashed them in a cardboard box along with other keepsakes, like this photo of the two of us:

We'll be posting some of the things my Mom saved in the archives shortly, but we wanted to give you a peek at what we just found today:

A Weirdos Songbook from 1977

A flyer for the FIRST Bags show at the Masque, 1977

Some old issues of Flipside.

More old's Terry Graham.

So, once again thanks to my Mom, we have a lot more to share with you in the weeks and months ahead. Remember to be nice to your own Mother!


motomama said...

Such a sweet photo of you and your mom! Happy Mother's Day! And I'm looking forward to more goodies on the website.


Anonymous said...

i think that is so damn adorable of your mother to save those things! she reminds me of me, saving things that you know are just precious and at the time you can't explain why. it is so nostalgic and i don't want to use the word bitter, but just sweet.

Anonymous said...

that Terry Graham guy looks hot.
How can I get in touch with him?
Is he here in LA>?

GV said...

Nice try, Terry.

Anonymous said...

i was around the scene then.
and i went to the original masque off of Hollywood Blvd, in the basement of the Cecil B. DeMille bldg. The Gun Club never played there. I left in June '78 to go to the U.K., and The Gun Club had never played there.
I this is an awesome website. Alice you are an Awesome girl.
Your Mother is Beautiful, I can see where you beauty comes from.

Anonymous said...

he is hot because he has that Johnny Depp look. He is an early Johnny Depp, but the problem is, Johnny Depp wasn't around then, and Terry was always full of himself.

GV said...

C'mon's be nice to Terry week.

Anonymous said...

ask jane drano about terry

Anonymous said...

yes do, ask Jane Drano what Terry was all about. Ask him about the Weirdos t-shirt she made him in Fashion School. ;)
I remember him wearing it at the Whiskey, it was a greenish (dark) with a W in zippers on the front

GV said...

There are a whole hell of a lot of old people commenting on here. That's frightening. You know too much to live, Van Helsing.

Anonymous said...

is this Terry guy still around gv?
I would "love" to be nice to Terry.
Just tell me spot and how much cash to bring for him.

Jenny Lens said...

Terry is alive and well in a very unlikely place to find a punk with his history. He visited a couple of years ago and I speechless with laughter [those of you who know me will "get" it -- I am usually the one who talks the most!!]. He's one of the funniest people I've ever heard! I asked him if we ever talked in the past, cos I don't remember him being so funny. He said yes, we talked. Darn it, I wish I remembered!

He does have that Johnny Depp quality. Great bone structure, the twinkle in his dark eyes, and very devilish but not harmful nor malicious. Still so darn sexy but what makes him so is that he ISN'T nor ever was full of himself.

What a treat to see Alicia and her mother! You found another home already? Enjoy the move -- look what you found hidden away. There's great adventures in change!

My gratitude for all you and Greg are doing on this site!

Anonymous said...

this is the best punk web site I have seen. Alice you should get a medal of honour for this.

GV said...

Thanks, just wait 'til you see the cool stuff we have planned for the coming month...we're very excited.

Anonymous said...

no really I want this terry guy.
I think he is hotter than Johnny Depp.

Rosy BLANK! said...

Well, miss Alice Bag, in my opinion you're basically awesome and so I'm just saying hello and you really inspire me to make myself known out there in the scene with my band.
write back :)

Anonymous said...

speaking of go-go's jane wiedlin, what do you mean by a poseur? she was a little cutie, still is and the smartest person on the surreal life thats for sure. i felt sorry for her to be around all those people who didn't have a clue about anything cool at all, but i guess that is what makes stuff like that special, if everyone was doing it, it wouldn't be cool anymore. right? or am i just talking out of my ass?