Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Women In L.A. Punk, Part XVI -
Jane Wiedlin

Here's another proof sheet picture from the same night as the Rik L. Rik shot below. I am molesting Jane Wiedlin's shoe in the parking lot of Bergamot Station in L.A.

Jane's used to being molested by me, as you will learn when you read her interview in the Women In L.A. Punk section of my website. Click on the thumbnail below to go there now!


Jenny Lens said...

Oooh, Jane! She was, and is, so darned cute, sweet, optimistic and energetic and that's why she's so beloved by so many! I TOTALLY agree that none of us LA Punk Women have been recognized.

I constantly talk about the Go-Go's, how proud I am of them, remembering their GUTS and NERVE getting onstage and through hard work, perserverance, talent and personality, became oh so famous. Yet they never get the respect due them.

I was DJ on killradio.org last Sunday night/Monday morning and brought in "London Boys." I wish I had time to play more, but I made a point of emphasizing their importance.

And they were so much fun! And "London Boys" was so right on! Who of us wasn't intimate with at least one or more London Boys -- don't get me started. Ohhh! Pleasant even married one!

What is wrong with our society? I think it's part of the gender bias, that women have to be whittled down to a saleable product, to be used and discarded. But it's not so easy to categorize us.

And God Bless the Go-Go's and ALL the LA Punk Women for surviving and telling their tales! I have SO many fond memories and tons of photos of all of them, before they were Go-Go's and up to and including their first trip to England, which truly changed their lives. And music history. I mean, herstory.

TG said...

I knew it! Alice was the she-devil in charge of a twisted La Dolce Vita at the Canterbury busy kidnapping and getting high on dope! Luring ripe young girls to an "audition" for her Castration Squad, Alice and her evil minions would turn these poor young things into ring-a-ding lovers, marijuana girls and satin demon dolls! None were safe from Alice and her Love Wanga. I watched as these girls would emerge from captivity (Castration Squad was a lie, it was all a terrible lie!), smear the makeup on their innocent faces, pull the black fishnets over their tender loins and walk out into the night to mercilessly paint the town red! Castrated of their innocence! I knew it!

I'm just glad Jane found a way to survive and has come to terms with her desperate teenage years. I hope she doesn't have nightmares of the hideous Wanga. Alarma!

Thank furry little kittens nothing like that ever happened with us guys. I know that prayer group at the Canterbury with Dim Wanker and Bruce Barf kept a lot of us out of trouble.

You punk girls are some scary pussies...thank the Lord.

And as for you Alice, well, thank you for the interview. Jane was and is well deserving. I'm sorry the truth has been revealed about your Canterbury Love Wanga!

phil from london said...

wow alice another great subject for your women in l.a. punk.jane is still as gorgeous as she is talented,her interview brought back great memories for me, especially the fact that she sold some of her designs at 'granny takes a trip' on sunset. i wonder if any one knows what happened to glen and frankie who owned it then, frankie [francesca] had a brother william baker who was a great guy and all the gang in london would like to know how he is so if any one knows please contact me. william and i were extras in cheech and chongs up in smoke at the roxy !!!i think we ended up on the cutting room floor...thats life love to you all phil from londonx