Monday, October 10, 2005

Women On Top

TG's comments on my last blog entry got me thinking about what it was like sharing an apartment at the Canterbury with Shannon Wilhelm, who formed and led Castration Squad. Shannon and I were also members of the Piranhas, a kind of feminist punk girls' gang. Shannon had a great sense of humor and was so much fun to hang out with back in the early days. Anyway, I recall one time when Shannon and I had lured Terry into our apartment for a little Fun With Ropes. I'm sure that we tempted him with the idea that we were both planning to have our way with him. We tied him to the bed and teased him a bit, then we both left to go shopping for several hours, leaving him trussed up to the bedposts. When we got back, he was FURIOUS and wouldn't even speak to us. Another traumatized victim of the Pyranhas : )

On another note, I'd like to direct you all to check out Jenny Lens' online store, where she is selling prints of her amazing photos. Yes, there are a couple of yours truly mixed in along with so many other great photos that you just have to see for yourself. Buy a print and help Jenny keep her invaluable archive up and running.

Lastly, I came across this very rough MP3 of a song I wrote and performed with Stay At Home Bomb, entitled "Women On Top." It just seemed like the right opportunity to post this song because it shows how my feminist ideology has evolved (devolved?) since my Pyranha and Castration Squad days. That's Lysa Flores on the catchy ba da ba ba's.

I hope you enjoy it!


TG said...

Uh, just to set the record straight, I was lying stomach down with no shirt, tied hands and feet, and Alice practiced using her whip on my back THEN sprinkled salt on the wound. Shannon just watched, amused. To this day, whenever someone lies me down, ties me up and whips me, I won't tolerate the use of salt. Except on pizza.

Alice Bag said...

As for me, I still love salt!

Jenny Lens said...

You two are SO funny -- you should hear me screaming w/laughter. I have a gorgeous color shot of Shannon and Sheila in their Pyrana's t-shirts I'll have to email to Alice.

How I wish I spent more time hanging out, laughing with you all. But I was busy taking/printing pix. We ALL NEED LAUGHTER NOW and you two provide the best entertainment in town!

much love,
jen ;-)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the new Stay At Home Bomb song very much. MORE Women On Top! Thanks Alice!

Jenny Lens said...
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fueltank said...

Yow. Great stuff, thanks for putting it all together and out there.

Growing up a bunch of years and another country away from LA meant
that I only heard about the stuff that made the whole thing happen.

Seeing Decline when I was in high school changed my life, and
that is no exageration. Reading the interviews with the women who were
part of what happended and finding so many of them say that their punk
roots and attitudes remain and inform their lives today is a re-affirmation
of what the punk scene was to me (who was too young and too suburban
to be part of it until the early 80's).

Meeting a number of the people who were part of the LA scene when
they came through Vancouver left an impression on me that remains.

Thanks for keeping the world of self-empowerment alive, and thanks for
still making excellent music.

And my scrambled letters were VHVXN...

Jenny Lens said...

I just found a shot of a blonde Jane Weidlin and Terry Graham, sitting in the upstairs Whiskey padded leather seats at an Arthur J/Black Randy show March 5-6, 1978.

Ohmygawd! I had no idea I ever shot the two of them. And the sweetest shot of Darby and Lorna outside. But Jane and Terry, oh la la! So cute! How looks deceive. These sweet little kids were and are so bloody deviant! Way to go!
jen ;-)