Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bagcast # 4 - Alice's MySpace Faves

Bagcast #4
Alice Bag's MySpace Faves

Thanks for listening to my series of podcasts so far. I hope you've enjoyed them. For the first three, I drew mostly from my collection of old records for some of my old influences and favorites. For this week's edition, I'd like to spotlight some current bands that I really like.

I don't get out to see bands as much as I'd like, so I rely on the internet to hear new music. In that respect, we're much better off now than we were when I was a teenager, because back "in the old days" we were stuck with listening to the crap that was on the radio. I'd argue that mainstream radio today is just as bad as or worse than it was back in the mid-seventies. No one listens to the radio to hear exciting new music; they listen to the internet.

This set is comprised of some of my favorite bands from MySpace. All of these songs were ripped from their profiles and are low-fi, so if you hear a song you like, be sure to sign up as that band's friend, write to them, go see them play live and support them. Speaking from experience, I can tell you public support can often mean the difference between a young band breaking up when the going gets rough or sticking it out in the face of adversity, and there is a lot of adversity out there. I've provided links to each of the bands and you can go to their pages by clicking on their names.

I know that this is not even scratching the surface of the many good bands out there today. I hope you enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

1. Gracias Mama - Las Ultrasonicas, Mexico City, D.F. If you've never been to a punk show in Mexico, this song sort of captures the manic, out of control atmosphere that can take place.

2. That's Great/That Sucks - The Shemps, NYC, NY. More insane energy.

3. Hitler Was An 'Omo - The Gonads, London, England. My guilty pleasure of this set. I'm not a big fan of Oi style, but this song cracks me up.

4. The Outward Song - The Horribles, L.A., CA. It appears that this band has recently broken up, but I still like the song.

5. Their Cell - Girl In A Coma, San Antonio, TX - I love the guitar hook and I love the singer's voice.

6. Everything Falls Apart - The Ergs, South Amboy, NJ. I know it's only dork rock, but I like it.

7. Not Hot To Trot - Von Iva, S.F., CA. A bluesy voice that suggests experience.

8. Speak Japanese Or Die - Megababe, Tokyo, Japan. Multilingual and proud of it.

9. On A Friday - Babyshakes, NYC, NY. Punky chicks ahoy, indeed!

10. Multiply & Divide - The Soviettes, Minneapolis, MN. This song brings out the math teacher in me.

11. The Search - Overnight Lows, L.A., CA. I love the clean sound and expressive vocals.

12. Running Out Of Things To Say - McQueen, Brighton, U.K. I'd love to see this band live, they sound like they know how to rock.

13. State of Affairs - Bobot Adrenaline, L.A., CA. I saw this band play at a skate park in L.A. and they did a tight, high energy set. I think the guitarist, Pepper, was also in one of all time favorite bands, Buck.

14. Barracuda -'s, Tokyo, Japan. They look as cool as they sound.

15. You Got It - The Okmoniks, Tucson, AZ. A cool band from my new home state.

16. Modern Swinger - The Pink Spiders, Nashville, TN. That chorus is so damn catchy!

17. Poor and Weird - The Briefs, Seattle,WA. One of my fave bands from Seattle, I saw them live in L.A. and ended up in the pit - scary for an old lady. Please come to AZ boys.

18. Something I Said - Thee Invention, L.A., CA. I like the vocals on this one.

19. Alice Bag - The Rogue Nations, Charlotte, NC. A song about yours truly. How could I resist? Thanks, guys!

20. Kill Her Off - The Ropes, NYC, NY. Probably what people are saying about me right now...

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Anonymous said...

Cool selections! Thanks for sharing this podcast, I really enjoyed it and heard some new stuff that I really dug.

Troy said...

How about a podcast of New Zealand bands? They have a pretty good new music scene going on right now, which it seems you are already well acquainted with, Alice.

Here's a link to a NZ radio show that your readers might want to check out:

dirtdog said...

You picked great songs.You have to go see the Bands on Grand. You don't have enough AZ bands on there!
Dirt Dog

Anonymous said...


Great selections. Thank you for selecting all these cool artists/sifting throught myspace hence doing all the legwork FOR me!

bobby j