Friday, March 03, 2006

First Fridays

Since our relocation to Phoenix, my family and I have been scouting around town, looking for free or inexpensive things to do where we might run into kindred spirits. There aren't many middle-aged punk rockers with dyed hair running around in my neighborhood. Last weekend (thanks to Karl Wentzel, who tipped us off) we found the annual Matsuri Festival downtown, which was great fun since we are big fans of Japanese street fashion and we got to see some folks dressed up for the occasion. We suggested that they add a mini-Shibuya District for next year's event so people can really go all out!

Another event we've become fans of is called "First Fridays," a free monthly art walk of over one hundred galleries. It takes place after dark throughout Phoenix, but we have grown attached to a strip on galleries on Grand Ave, some of which feature live music. Naturally, it brings out a younger, artsier crowd who just seem to be having a good time, meeting friends and going from place to place. Here's a pic of me and my daughter enjoying an installation entitled "Peeptown."

And speaking of art walks, you can take your own free art walk down by the L.A. River in Boyle Heights. While you're there, be sure to check out this nifty dumpster which features my mug! Thanks to Jessee Zeroxed for trashing me so beautifully.


Anonymous said...

Alice, I see you got the boots!(I knew you would). Can't wait to come back and sightsee. Be scouting around for more stuff to do. Angie

Anonymous said...

Next weekend there is a small music fest taking place on Grand called Bands on Grand or something like that. All local Phoenix bands, should be worth checking out.

Mike said...

The best part of the Matsuri fest was the food! I pooped grease for a week.