Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Snow In Phoenix?!

Well, not really Phoenix, but Cave Creek and that is close enough. This was the view we woke up to last weekend after a big storm passed through. We drove up to the little fakey Olde Western town near where we live and walked around throwing snowballs at each other. I'll hold onto that memory for summer when the thermometer hits 120.

We missed Bands on Grand last Saturday and unfortunately also missed the Zolar X reunion in L.A., but heard it was fun. I hope they play out here. Hey, if it can snow in Phoenix, then anything is possible, right? Most people write about the exciting things they've done, but I wanted you to experience my boredom vicariously.

Just kidding! I'm never bored. Just depraved. I mean deprived.

Another Women In L.A. Punk Interview is on the way very soon and it's a real treat! Plus, another Bagcast - maybe. We've also added a few new photos to the punk gallery on my website, so check them out if you're interested.

Lots of people writing books these days...keep an eye out for Terry Graham's upcoming book (the working title is "Punk Like Me") and the LONG anticipated collection of photos and stories by JENNY LENS, who was recently 86'd from Whole Foods. What a PUNK!

Not strictly punk related, but another book which promises to be very interesting is Prisoner of X by Class of '77 alumnus Allan MacDonell, all about his sordid life in porn. Sounds like fun!


Anonymous said...

Looks very pretty where you live. That's not the Phoenix I know!

Jenny Lens said...

Alice, I can't write you anything without you reporting it! Had to laugh, cos even Farrah Faucet-Minor got back into the club after being 86'd, but it's gotta snow in Santa Monica before I spend my hard earned money there again!

The cashier didn't know how to reset the ATM machine and kept yelling at me that I was inputting the wrong PIN, cos that's what the computer said. I told him and another worker bee to "fuck off" after pleading with them to help me, while they were so nasty to me. I apologized, but they just got nastier. Then they later lied about it when I protested it.

Me, the raw foods vegan who gave out vitamins in the early punk days, been into healthy foods before that chain existed, and I'm booted out?

I've reported people sticking their dirty hands into bulk bins, in violation of state laws, and the worker bees stand around, buzzing and talking. I know many of their employees who know I always help other customers. And I get banned.

I came home and cried in shock. They can f**k themselves. All I had to do was keep my mouth shut and take the abuse. "How I learned my lesson": it's a nasty world out there.

I have shots of Zolar X rehearsing in my rental home, fall, 1976. I threw out my live roll, basement, Osko/Osco's disco. Ok, I so fucked up! I have a color shot of Zory and myself, with that weird pointy thing on my forehead that he drew. Ha ha! Don't hold your breath for that shot!

Remember kids, don't use the F-word in public. Never mind I was at Aah's a few blocks east of that food chain. I saw a glass from Family Guy cartoons. The little baby in diapers, with big text: "Go to Hell." It's ok to put that where tons of children hang out, often with their parents. But don't say the F-word.

It's a new world out there . . . bunch of lying, corporate pussies. From a company who prides itself on customer service, and cares about the environment and all flora and fauna. But when it comes down to it, better to side with your buddies than someone who quite possibly is more into the organic, healthy lifestyle more than they. Quite possibly.

Thank goodness for the farmer's markets and Santa Monica Co-Op.

Lynnster said...

What a gorgeous photo, Alice! I had no idea you could see something like that in Arizona - learn something new every day, wow!

Anonymous said...

I was born in Scottsdale (a suburb of Phoenix) in 1969. I have experienced snow many times living here. Nothing that "sticks to the ground" below Carefree, but I have seen snow in the winter plenty of times since 1969. No this is probably not some new, strange, phenomenon at least in my lifetime. Most of the Phoenix valley cities lie within the 1000' evevations. The towns of Carefree and Cave Creek, Antheim, New River are higher elevations to the North, and yes, you will see snow on the ground once in a while in the winter. No, I dont give ANY credo to Al Gore's theories about this AT ALL. Unless his theories go back centuries (much longer than human industrialization could have made a major impact on this planet's atmosphere). Try selling Al Gore's theories to California farmers in 2007. A billion dollar crop may have been lost to cold weather. I saw it snow in North Scottsdale on 1/21/07. It wasn't the first time I have witnessed this. Weather patterns may be changing, but I highly doubt that it is anything besides nature, and something nature has always done, and will do again. Warming trends, drought, blizzards, repeat. Thats nature....Matt from Scottsdale, AZ