Thursday, April 12, 2007

Otra Vez la Burra al Trigo

If you don't speakey the Spanish you may not know the meaning of the idiom I've chosen for this blog title. It literally translates as "once again the donkey's in the wheat," but what it really means is someone is up to their (usually bad) old habits.

I recently learned of some exciting news. I will be receiving a Spirit of Silver Lake Music Pioneer Award at the Silver Lake Film Festival in May. Here's the blurb from the website:

2007 Silver Lake Film Festival Spirit of Silver Lake Music Pioneer Award - Alice Bag
Saturday, May 5, 2007- Jensen Rec Center Studios. In recognition of her continued challenges to the male-dominated worlds of punk and rock, Silver Lake Film Festival is honored to present Alice with the 2007 Music Pioneer Award.

It's amazing how a simple appeal to my vanity could convince me to go against my better judgement. All they had to do was dangle a shiny "award" in front of me and I just started walking towards it, like a burro towards a carrot. Yes, I will be performing a mini-set with Lysa Flores and some guest musicians. The set will include songs from some of my past bands, including one or two Bags' songs. This is the first time that I'll be doing any Bags' songs in over 20 years because they are giving me an award after all and one does not receive awards every day. My only request was that they move my venue from Spaceland (which is 21 and over) to an all-ages venue. If I'm going to break my own rule about not performing Bags songs, I'd rather do it for an audience who might actually enjoy it than a potentially disinterested audience of older club goers who've seen it all before. Not to say Spacelanders are jaded, but no one ever dances there. Not even Keith Morris.

30 years ago, who would have imagined that John Doe, Keith Morris and Alice Bag would be getting awards for being upstanding citizens and role models? I guess you can add punk rockers to the list of things which get respectable if they last enough, right alongside politicians, ugly buildings and whores.


Jenny Lens said...

First, congrats or as us Jews say: mazel tov! One of the reasons we all love you is your insistence that kids hear you. You always know what's best for your audience. the consummate entertainer. Enjoy your visit back to your hometown!

I don't think punk rockers gained respect cos they lived long enough. I have always felt some artists and musicians are visionaries. We pick up on something before the masses. We light the way for others to see what we see and feel what we feel. Like a lighthouse.

Sometimes when you live long enough, and continue to be a beacon of light, the masses catch up to you. You were always respectable. Society was out of touch.

Van Gogh became popular when enough people started to realize he was onto something. He started something that influenced others.

Others were paving new roads into modern art, literature, dance, etc so that people realized a cultural movement on so many levels was occuring under their feet. And governments were changing, the psychologies of societies, so much changed that allowed people to finally "get" and embrace Van Gogh.

You can substitute any number of artists, whether visual, musical, or verbal. I chose Vincent cos most everyone knows his story. He's the classic 'outsider' artist who 'made good.'

Animals can 'feel' and sense earthquakes before humans. Canaries in the coal mines. That is one of the many roles fo the artist.

That's true of so many great thinkers and creators. We plant the seeds and if conditions are right, and enough changes occur, people finally catch on.

I think it's absolutely imperative time passes when it comes to politicians. I only wish I could live long enough to see Jimmy Carter praised and Reagan and both Bushes damned to hell. Too many people are too invested in their own agendas to stand back and be objective about politics.

Ugly buildings are only ugly in the eye of the beholder. And you never know when an even uglier bldg will arise. Often it's w/comparison that people realize the value of something.

People thought punk was crap til they heard music from the last 20 or so years. As someone who works in a major position in one of the world's largest music companies wrote me tonight, kids today don't have the musical icons we had when we grew up and when you and I were hanging out. Where's the David Bowies of the world? Or the Stones when they meant something?

Whores: well, after the Don Imus comments, I'm not gonna say anything about whores! It's the world's oldest profession. And has nothing to do with a group of young women who were Girl Scouts, valedictorian, pre-med athletes who gave up their Xmess vacation to practice.

Time for bed . . . just came back from a rock photo opening and drank wine, the first drink in about two months. Wish it weren't so fattening!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Alice and that is so great that you held out for an all-ages venue. I can't wait!!!

LouisJacinto said...

Hi. When I read from your Blog that you would be at the Silver Lake Film Festival performing, I looked at their website and saw that it was more than just that; the award is well deserved and LONG overdue! I haven't been able to figure out how to buy a ticket from the website for this particular event, but I'm going in person to their office this weekend and getting my ticket! I can't wait to see you back on stage. Again, congradulations! -Louis Jacinto

Anonymous said...

Yay, can't wait to see you, it's been a long time since you were out, congrats on the award, going to be a nice trip, huh? Have a wonderful trip to France. Love ya, A.

godoggo said...

Hey, remember that "Punk Rock Quincy" episode circa 1981? I remember Quincy lecturing the kids about how the hippies "worked their butts off" to make the world a better place, but of course the hippies weren't looked at that way at the time (see for example Didion's "Slouching Towards Bethlehem"), and now I here people talking about the old punks the same way. Well, I guess it's true of some of them.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're actually going to do a Bags song...Finally! You're the best!!!!